A total injustice – can I claim against the CSA?

February 2, 2014

I left my uk job several years ago to work abroad, this meant that the CSA had no jurisdiction over me and advised me to make an agreement with my ex partner, This never materialised as she kept saying she will only accept money through the CSA, I was threatened to lose my home and baliffs would be at my door, if I did not pay, so I began making payments until we went to court, in court the judge also made the mistake of saying I should pay, again we went to another appeal this time I was given the result, by this time I have paid nearly 13,000 GBP, of which they will not return, ICE have been involved and NACSA are fronting my case, but recently I was asked by ICE to accept 150 GBP as they said I could not claim against the CSA.

This is a total in-justice which should never have happened, How we got to this stage I dont really know, how can I claim against the csa. Other than ICE