UK Child Support Calculator App for iPhone and Android

April 4, 2012

CSA AppIf you’ve received one of those complicated letters from the UK Child Support Agency, demanding money from your wages, you’re probably confused as to just how they’ve worked out what they say you owe, and whether their calculations are correct. If you’ve read any news stories around the Internet you’ll know that the Child Support Agency is prone to making mistakes, so doubting their calculations is only natural.

There are a number of calculators online where you check the CSA’s figures, but now, thanks to Timofejeva, there is also an app you can download for your Android or iPhone. The app, named the UK Child Support Calculator, is available to download from iTunes and from Google’s Android Market, and it offers a simple to use interface that lets you work out just how much you should be paying the CSA. You simply enter in your details, such as how much you earn after tax, how many children you have to pay for, how many nights you have them and how many dependents are living with you.

UK Child Support Calculator UK Child Support Calculator

Using the CSA’s own complicated rules, the app cuts through all of the difficulty and works out exactly how much you should be paying, nice and easy. What’s really great is that you can also go back through your details and see how your payments would change if you have more or fewer overnight stays, if your income changes or if you have another child living with you.

For the price, this app could save you a substantial amount of money – or at the very least confirm that the CSA has made the correct calculations.

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