They just won’t give me any answers

December 8, 2013

my story about the csa is long & stressful one however I will try and keep it short as possible. I have 4 kids 3 from a marriage 1 from another relationship, the daughter I have through the other relationship was very very stressful until I discovered from a friend who told me that when the csa take money from your wages my ex partner only got half of what they took of me and the government get the other half, so when I told my ex she didn,t believe me so she found out herself only to find that I was right so I now give her cash so she is happy with what she is getting for our daughter, end of that story.

my problem now is that trying to get my ex-wife to believe me as well, so far it is working anyway when we where going through our divorce she was having our third child, so when she had a our son she would not allow me to see him so I had to take her too a childrens panel for me to get access to see him, I was allowed to see my other 2 daughters no problems there so for her to do this to me just made things worse between us.

the period of time between our divorce & the childrens panel took almost 2 years so during that time I was instructed by my lawyer not to pay any maintenance for our son but pay her for the other 2 which at the time was not a problem. when the childrens panel decided to grant me access to my son it was then that I paid for my son. right the problem I have now is that I am now been told by the csa that I need to pay 2 years maintenance for the period that when we where going through our separation & then divorce, now the 2 year period is obviously the first two years of our sons life which I don,t mind paying for however since august of 2012 it has been a joke, my son turned 19 in November this year so the maintenance for him stopped on the 2nd o September so I thought that I would only have to ay for the first 2 years of my son life.

well it has gone from bad to worse since aug12 as whenever I have phoned the csa up to get a figure for that 2 year period I get a different figure off them. the figure I was given in august 12 was £783, when I got a phone call from them in march this year it stood at £1870 plus £383 due to the government. I ended up arguing with the lady who called me that day for a long time and very nearly killed myself through drink that day so now I tend to not get that way because the csa are a joke.

then a couple of days ago I phoned the csa up to find out a few things and you will like this the first person I spoke to I asked him what the arrears was & LOW & behold he told me that the arrears was at £2870.84 plus £383 to the government well i blow my top, he then told me he was passing me onto someone who was dealing with my case so when i asked her what the arrears was she told me it was £3011.95 plus £403 for the government so once again an argument happened and my blood boiling.

every question i asked her she couldn,t give me a valid reason so she passed me onto another person who when i spoke to her she could not have been more nice to me, this lady was from the hastings office & she told me that their computer system was thinking that i was still paying maintenance for my son & that my case was not closed so since the 2nd o September the computer ha not been taking off any of the arrears total.

the women i spoke to at hastings told me that there was a lot of unanswered questions on my case file & that it needed looked at so my problems with the csa are on going. there is a lot more to say but i don,t have the time to say anymore just now

with thanks
Alan Robertson