I can’t afford to work anymore because of the CSA

March 18, 2013

i am paying around 141 pound a week to the csa.they are leaving me with 200 pound per week wages i have never refused to pay for my kids.since they were born.I have tried to come to an arrangment with my ex but been told to get stuffed i have been in touch with the csa to tell them that this amount is putting me further into dedt and at the moment i stand to lose my house they are not intarested they are taking 40%.of my wages this has been goin on since nov 2012 and they are saying it will take up to 10 april 2013 to get adesicion on my case seems like the dont care if the father gets to see his children.my kids live 400 miles from me and costs around 300 pound every time i go to see them. i have had to stop going to see my kids as i cant afford to do this anymore

Surley its better for the children to have a relationship with thier father as well as getting funds from me but the csa do not see it this way. it’s breaking my heart that i can, see my kids now they are threatning to take my license and my passport i cant see how this will help as i am an hgv driver. without my license i cant work what are we supposed to do the other thing that is angering me is that my kids dont even see any off the money i pay for them i even offered to open a bank account for my kids and put the money into there accounts and was told i cant do that surley this would give them funds for thier future.For when the leave school or go to uni i am at the end off my thether with this and even considering giving up work as i cant afford to work anymore

iain reid


  • Lisa says:

    @ wilf

    Nobody at the moment believes that the CSA does a good enough job, thats why so many people are now complaining, having cases looked at further and realising that to many mistakes have been made, at least when complaints are made to the right people, you get to see exactly what incompetence has been used towards you as a person regardless of who you are IE PWC/NRP

  • wilf says:

    Lisa:- So good you said it twice but you failed to answer my question.

  • Lisa says:

    @ Wilf, please lighten up, it was aid in sarcasm, please read between the lines,

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