How to beat the CSA

The CSA, or Child Support Agency, claims to be putting children first and is interested in getting payments to children. This of course is not true, as the complaints about the CSA from both non resident parents and parents with care prove – complaints that can be read on this website.

Children would be much better off if the CSA were not involved and a private arrangement were made between parents concerning the payment of maintenance. This is in fact the best way to beat the CSA. If you are your ex can come to an agreement on how much should be paid, and how often, you can leave the Child Support Agency out of the equation, saving a lot of stress and heartache for all concerned.

Of course, you must be careful to record all payments and keep a signed agreement between you both. Never pay in cash, and always pay in a way that keeps a paper trail, such as a direct debit or BACS transfer.

This is one way to beat the CSA, but when some fathers ask how can they beat the CSA they mean how can they avoided payment to the CSA altogether. This isn’t advised because your children need your support, but there ways to reduce your payments so that the CSA doesn’t get as much as they wish.

For example, you could complete a variations form so that the CSA has to take your expenses involved with access to your children into consideration. You could become self employed so that your daily expenses are treated as tax deductable, reducing your declared earnings – or you could leave the country altogether, where the CSA has limited powers and generally will not bother with the hassle of pursuing you.

The CSA wants easy targets – NRPs in full time employment so they can issue a deduction from earnings order. Beat the CSA at their own game.


  • Adam says:

    I’ve just had a call from the CSA. They wouldn’t say who they were, claiming to be Dept of Work and Pensions. It was only when I said are you sure you’re not the CSA because that’s where my phone thinks you’re calling from that they reluctantly admitted it. I politely declined to engage in any further conversation. They are devious and underhand and should be shut down.

  • unfair says:

    Im with you, I got manipulated by my Ex in the divorce, we have a child arrangement order but she wanted to have them on a Sunday night, little did i know she was already planning on going to CSA, she does not want the kids she wants the money, I pay for everything, school trips, school uniform, etc, i take them on holiday etc what does she do, NOTHING, she has them on a Sunday nights from 6pm until drop off at school next morning for the privilege, i have to pay her 496 a month she does not bath them or feed them, why should i pay for her to go and have a life, when I can barely keep my head above water, i still have to make the mortgage payments on the marital home, the rent on my current home because her and her mother ran me out of the house, the council tax, the utilities on both, so how is this fair, i do everything for my kids because i wanted kids, she has a job that pays extremely but still wants more money, So if any female says that this is fair then you are obviously interested in the money also, as the kids should comes first not the money, i can support my kids by myself do not want or need any help especially from my EX, she does not need the money its just to exact another level of control, there are some people who needs it and deserve but there are alot that only are only doing it to be spiteful, you females say you don’t want us or need us call us all the names under the sun , (some do deserve it), but you are always happy to take our money, why is that i wonder.

  • Kate says:

    well said Kelly, Im in the same boat, my partner kills himself at work because CSA demand so much for his gold digging Ex, she is pissed off because he moved on, and now does not want him to have a new life with his kids or mine.

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