Deduction from Earnings Order

Many non resident parents find that the Child Support Agency has enforced a ‘deduction from earnings order’ against them, also called a DEO. A deduction from earnings order is the CSA’s preferred method of collecting child maintenance from non resident parents because it affords them the luxury of not having to communicate direct with the person involved, and can instead go to their employer.

With a DEO, the CSA can literally decide how much money they want to deduct from your earnings and go straight to your employer to insist that the money is deducted, and sent to them, each month. If your employer were to refuse the CSA’s demand, they would threaten them with bailiffs – hence few employers would ever challenge the CSA.

The CSA doesn’t even need approval from a court to enforce a DEO – they can do it at their own discretion, and they choose to do it a lot.

You are able to appeal against the amount set out in the deduction from earnings order, but while your appeal is being heard the DEO will stand and your money will be deducted. You are however not allowed to appeal on the grounds that you cannot afford to live on what the CSA has left you with. The Child Support Agency does not care how much money you have to live on, even if you are bringing up more children.

On you’ll find many stories from people who have been handed deduction from earnings orders, and how they have dealt with them.


  • Hard working woman says:

    We did this too, uploaded evidence of every payment as the ex said she didn’t receive anything, but they ignored it all & sent in a DEO anyway – even though they have also told us he is not eligible. They are a complete disgrace

  • Common sense says:

    DEO is hard to get for the parent with care . Iv just had to get one on my children’s dad , they’ve only been able to start the process after requesting bank statements from me and ex partner – so to anyone saying oh I had no idea .. Iv always payed on full … they cannot enforce a DEO without both party’s evidence OR non resident parent failed to provide this within the time frame . I find some of these comments utterly ridiculous… if you’ve met a new man and he has kids yet a DEO slagging off kids mum surely this is a huge flag .! He can’t have contact etc etc court orders exist so there’s always that option . Maintenance is for the children full stop 🛑 why are people worrying about their ex’s lives , as long as the children have all they need then why does it matter ?…. I’m starting university in September , my ex is expecting a new baby etc … that’s fine but he doesn’t pay for his current children and that’s my only concern . Anyone who’s written personal insult on looks weight etc that’s nasty … remember that could one day be you contacting CMS . People seem to miss the point it’s not about your relationship with the other parent or anything that’s happened .. it is about the children . And children cost money , something both parents should pay for . End of

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