Deduction from Earnings Order

Many non resident parents find that the Child Support Agency has enforced a ‘deduction from earnings order’ against them, also called a DEO. A deduction from earnings order is the CSA’s preferred method of collecting child maintenance from non resident parents because it affords them the luxury of not having to communicate direct with the person involved, and can instead go to their employer.

With a DEO, the CSA can literally decide how much money they want to deduct from your earnings and go straight to your employer to insist that the money is deducted, and sent to them, each month. If your employer were to refuse the CSA’s demand, they would threaten them with bailiffs – hence few employers would ever challenge the CSA.

The CSA doesn’t even need approval from a court to enforce a DEO – they can do it at their own discretion, and they choose to do it a lot.

You are able to appeal against the amount set out in the deduction from earnings order, but while your appeal is being heard the DEO will stand and your money will be deducted. You are however not allowed to appeal on the grounds that you cannot afford to live on what the CSA has left you with. The Child Support Agency does not care how much money you have to live on, even if you are bringing up more children.

On you’ll find many stories from people who have been handed deduction from earnings orders, and how they have dealt with them.


  • E Gorman says:

    The CSA are making our life hell. This bunch of crooks is getting away with destroying families not helping them.
    Absent fathers that are forced to be absent by women who are self centred and vindictive. My partner wants to be part of his children’s life but has been forced out. He is willing to contribute but not at the expense of his new life. We worry about every bill, trip to the supermarket and panic if the car sounds like it might need to be garaged.
    The CSA take how much form each £1, I read it was 70p, to pay off their massive debts. How can an organisation so inefficient are allowed to have their own rules, that any other company would be hauled into court for practicing, be let away with the injustice?
    I’m not just furious at the way they treat people, I’m worried sick that we will lose everything we have worked for together.

  • M. Bowen says:

    I am an employer, I have been served a Deductions from earnings order for an employee.
    The employee does not give his permission for me to make these deductions, stating his case was closed four years ago, with no money owing. his ex wife has re married.
    The order would leave him with the maximum allowance by the CSA of £258 per month to live on. Obviously this is not possible.
    By law I have to comply with the order or be subjected to criminal proceedings, also by law if I deduct the money from the employee with out his permission I will be in breach of contract and possibly subjected to a case for constructive dismissal.
    Where is justice in this?
    I can understand why the CSA are such a hated organisation.

  • c moore says:

    these comments are ridiculous, a deo is only enforced as a last resort by csa when the absent father hasnt, doesnt and wontcomply with answering telephone calls or letters or reach a private agreement with the mother of their children. my ex thought he was so clever abandoning and breaking our daughters hearts, without reason, ( i have always had a good relationship with him post divorce) he just decided he didnt want to see his daughters and stopped seeing them , no reason, he kept agreeing to make a private arrangement all lies, so csa was involved , as im struggling to make ends meet, he wouldnt give me address, didnt answer phone etc so csa then have to impose a deo, a father has a legal right to support his children until 19, he brought them into thuis world , is it fair they go without , already confused as to why he wont see them, while he has two different season tickets, changed car, always out drinking etc, rules are enforced for a reason

  • R says:

    WellI have to say that C Moore you are incorrect. My partner has not missed a payment ever since the CSA assessment was made and has paid for the full 24 months the order has been in place. He pays the other party directly to ensure she receives all the money and until this week there has never been a problem. However the other party has now contacted the CSA to say no money has been received this month (it reached her account on 16 Jan) and they have written to him this week saying he will now pay by DEO has has no option and they are aware he has made every single payment in the past but he cannot appeal against the decision as the other party has said she wants it done this way. Surprisingly this has all happened concurrently with Court proceedings relating to access.

    Google CSA and DEOs and you will see they are being abused.

    Each case is unique and everyone only provides one side of a story that is often multifacted.

  • D'Arre says:

    How does the CSA find out where the non-resident parent works? It takes 3 months for them to do it. But they do it. Who do they get the info from?

  • j says:

    I was assessed ubder the ‘old’ rules allowing the csa to take up to 40% of my net income. I earned apx £180pw nett and the csa applied a deo of £68pw and claimed not to know i had mortgage costs but later examination of my data protection prints proved this to be a lie. I gave up my job but the csa continued the assessment even though the deo failed, claiming i had not informed them even though my former employer told them. The bill was over £15,000. I complained to the ‘independent’ case examiner, a part of the department for work and pensions, meantime i got a letter from the csa in a DWP envelope and found that despite the various name changes the csa is also a part of the DWP. I am not paying. The ensuing legal fight has cost the taxpayer more than the claim against me. My opinion is that people should simply stop work and keep fighting, only by costing the country more than it collects will we ever get rid of this horrible organisation.

  • C says:

    This topic of conversation really infuriates me, I have two children to which their father hasn’t contributed to their upkeep and my eldest is 18 ohh and i do work full time to provide for my boys so why do absent parents feel that its not their duty to contribute to their children and allow them to miss out on nice things in life?
    Thats it i know…………just give up your job and don’t pay thats the answer………let your children see you for what you are! If you can’t pay amicably then it goes through DEO…….face it! If you didnt want the responsibility then why have kids???

  • Sally says:

    @ C… I think are completely deluded…. if you had read most of the comments properly you will see that most NRPS ARE NOT TRYING TO AVOID paying for their kids… THEY CANNOT AFFORD WHAT THE CSA SAY IS DUE!!!

    The staff at the CSA instruct DEO’s at will…. with no rhyme or reason…. if someone (who also works but can’t take personal calls while working) cannot answer thier phone when CSA call, they are classed as ‘non-compliant!!! The CSA lose correspondence but classify the NRP as ‘non-compliant’…. the CSA give NRPs INCORRECT AND INCONSISTENT information and record the NRP as being… you guessed it…. NON-COMPLIANT!!! Meanwhile the NRP is struggling to make ends meet!! Doing all that is asked of them while trying to maintain a relationship with their kids.

    In my particular situation, my partners greedy ex (a mother of two) went to the CSA because she felt that she was entitled to some of MY income!!!! thanks to the advice given to her by the CSA (rules prior to 2003)…. my partner has paid his ex MORE than the CSA suggested and has never missed a payment in over 3 years yet the mother lies to the CSA to stir up trouble….. this is not a fair system and it’s certainly not about NRP’s shouldn’t have kids if the don’t want the responsibility…. they do want the responsibility, they don’t want their ex’s greed affecting their relationship with the kids…. which is what the CSA encourages!!!

    Not all NRPs are like your ex… some are decent… it’s the PWCs (who abuse the system) who should be ashamed of themselves for being so greedy and putting money before their kids needs!!!

  • Marley says:

    @ C i totally agree with Sally, you are deluded, i wish you could read all the corespondence we have off the CSA, it is ridiculouus. You say your husband has never paid a penny towards his children !! ……..WELL MY HUSBAND HAS ALWAYS PAID FOR HIS CHILDREN BUT THE CSA HOUND THE PEOPLE WHO DO PAY AND WHO ARE WILLING TO PAY, YOUR CHILDRENS FATHER HAS GOT AWAY WITH PAYING FOR 18 YEARS !! BUT FATHERS WHO DO PAY ARE PAYING THE PRICE FOR FATHERS WHO DON’T.
    Go and ask your ex WHY HE HAD CHILDREN, and leave people alone who are struggling to make a new life for themselves but still trying to pay for their kids………

  • Féfé says:

    How does the CSA find out where the non-resident parent works? => Not sure at 100%, I think the csa (or maybe should i call this organisation the csShit – french humour) gets the information through your NIN. The question is : When someone get a new job, does they know it automaticaly through their IT system?…
    I have read lots of comments and my conclusion is that there is no justice in UK, mums have all the rights…sorry guys.

  • Paul Gibbons says:

    The CSA is based on the nuclear family idea where the father figure earns enough wages to keep the whole family. This is no longer the case. In fact now everyone is basically means tested to be on the bare minimum flat rate of pay. Most house holds need two incomes and an usually a top up in the form of tax credits or other state handouts to keep above the breadline.
    If you take 20-40% off a man in CSA payments then that man is left 20-40% bellow the breadline. You can’t justify this it is simply wrong.

  • claire says:

    the CSA calculate a percentage of wages, thus means that this is required.They have limits of what they have to leave a man with to live on. If the non resident was bringing up the child or children most if not all the money would be going on them not just a percentage. If the non resident has run up debt this would imply only one thing and that the carer has been supporting the child, most liking going without to ensure the child needs are meet. To feel sorry for the non resident wanting a new life is absurd. They have a obligation period. Its not about supporting the mother to have a better quality of life of them being greedy. Its quite frankly obvious what the money is for, not just a new pair of trainers. It includes every additional expense from shopping to normal bills to size of a property. If the child was to live with the non resident they would incur higher bills, shopping, clothes, rent, travel costs, school costs and so on and so on and its not rocket science to know that would cost MORE then the percentage taken. So all you fathers who feel is ok for the mother to take sole responsibility, you are the deluded ones. Get a calculator and work out how much it would cost you to support the child if you had to find the money for each and every expense a child costs and then see who gets the rough deal.

  • Andrea says:

    Sorry Guys, the NRP is not always the father.
    I am the victim of Domestic Abuse ( including sexual, fianancial, emotional and physical) which has all been proven and arrests can prove this.
    However, my fat, lazy, controlling ex husband who has mental health issues (when it suits him… ie claiming benefits) who sits at home all day every day harrassing me and he has now managed to alienate 3 of my children against me – and because I get off my arse and go to work every day he gets £400 tax free cash in hand – does not affect his benefits as it is not seen as “income” – while I stuggle to move on and make ends meet.
    My 3 teenage children, who have been convinced that this is all my fault, all got Ipads for their christmas presents……… paid for by me but they refuse to have anything to do with me?????
    I have witnesses, police reports and digital recordings of the abuse we all suffered at the hands of this man and yet he is still laughing at me.
    He is a paedophile waiting to happen (schools have made referrals to Social Services about him) and yet I am the one paying.

    My solicitor will not get involved in CSA disputes and CAB told me to move on and get on with it, that as a female I am in the position that most absent fathers find themselves in, so there was no help or advice on offer……..
    Excuse me ? – I obviously missed the bit where I allowed myself to be abused and controlled for 18 years.

    I do not object to paying towards my children, but I do expect to have a relationship with them and I expect my fat, lazy controlling ex to get off his arse and work as there is no reason why he cannott.
    He kidnapped my 12 yr old daughter (did not return her after a weekend contact arrangement) so that he can continue claiming Housing and Social Security benefits.

    Sorry ladies. It’s not always the men who are affected.

    I was laughed at and called a liar by a member of staff from the CSA ( all witnessed by my work colleagues) who told me she was making a decision and could not appeal as I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

    I am every month brought below the poverty line with my remaining 8 year old daughter – oh and what contributions do I get for her ?????? £0 !!!!!

    Being a lying, lowlife is the only way to get on in this life. Don’t be honest.


  • Angela says:

    My Husband has 2 children from a previous relationship & I also have 2 children. In March last year 1 of my husbands children came to live with us leaving 1 other left with the mother, we stopped making payments to her as we now had 1 of the children living with us plus another 2 children to support,. She is remarried with another child also so she has 2 children in total to look after. We did not claim child benefit for the child living with us & let her to continue to do so. She was bitter that her son had left her and went to the CSA for money for her daughter. This woman has not done a days work in her life while my husband & I work full time. The CSA took 6 month to decide how much we should pay & when they did tell us we had incurred arrears & they wanted us to pay £450 a month for 6 months to cover the arrears. We provided them with income & expediture, answered all calls & complied with them completely, however they still went ahead with a DEO to my husbands wages, this will potentially make us lose our home if we cannot keep up repayments & if we cannot afford to get to work we will lose our jobs & could be forced onto the benefit system & then we will not have any money to pay for her anyway!!! How the hell can this be justified??? The CSA are forcing good, hard working people on to the benefits system, they are responsible for putting the country in to more debt & more children into poverty! This Agency needs to be stopped!

  • Pizzedoffdad says:

    From the horses mouth and a hell of a lot of REAL interaction with the CSofA

    They are Dogs. Regardless of if you are already paying they want you to go through them so they can take their cut before passing any maintenance on.

    So this is how they go about it for all those wondering.

    1st they ring you 3 times, assuming your ex has your number ( there are other ways)
    They only ring for 2 rings and hang up if you answer.
    There fore your avoiding contact with them ( clever hey)
    2nd they send you a letter about 10 days later. ITs huge and wanting to know the ins and outs of your life. Demanding with threats.
    (note. I am and always have been paying, ex likes to stick in knives)
    I didn’t answer, why would I, I’m already paying and don’t need their contract.
    3 they go straight to your employer and demand all the information from them. This sorts out good employers, and don’t really give a fk for u employers.

    4 then they send a letter saying how much they will take off you from your employer. With more threatening words.
    Now to do this they Have to apply to court, they are NOT above the law. They flash Statute law at you. Its an Act and there fore needs your consent ( do your own research)

    For all you women who will harp on about my ex didn’t pay, well then honestly your better off on your own, get over it and move on, you are better off, but If the father already pays … well…, once the csa are involved they do not give a fuck for you, your kids or the father! All they want is their share of the money! Check! find out how much money they cost and gained in the last few years. They need to pay their debt to justify themselves to the Bosses, rightieo dishonorable Ian Duncan Smithy. They are a company check, they are registered and have CCJs against them, they have to go to court to do a DOE because they are a company, they have to follow correct procedures. Do not deal with them by phone, only by letter. Keep them. Address their legal debt and ask them questions, the telesales are not legally trained and have no rights throwing their “legal”opinions at you down the phone.

    ALWAYS be polite. ITs a game. Not a rush.

    Research, fight them. Do it the right way. Right down everything. Unless the csa case is dropped by your ex then their on your back for a long time.

    It will collapse, there are better ways. CMA soon, loss of csa jobs, buildings, keeping down debt trying to save their infrastructure, it wont last much longer, new software when they still haven’t got the very first system figured out yet, lol. Its a joke, and the soulless brainwashed folk of the csa will be on JSA


  • Got the tee shirt says:

    Its simple, keep it in your pants if you dont want the responsibility. i have 2 beautiful kids.. he didnt pay for 7 yrs now has DEO .
    If you dont live with your kid/s then you have to pay maintance E N D so stop trying to get out of it by trying to buck the system.. Thats why the csa are in place . Its the kids that suffer so think again when you reach for a fag/ pint / nite out gambling etc and give it to your kids to have a better more balance life than you gave them!!!!

  • Got the tee shirt says:

    and i dont mean that literally … i mean the money would would have spent on it !!

  • chris jones says:

    yes i agree there are NRP who are lazy and make excusses or run n hide or lie to the csa, these are the ones who should be punished but by the courts not the csa. the csa seem to punish all NRPs even the ones that DO PAY. I was paying fair and square first thing i paid every month was my ex wife on time every month, then she wanted more went to csa and hey presto i had arrears even though i got reciepts from ex every month that even stated I was up to date yet arrears were there but only with the csa, if we went private again the arrears were not there no more.
    times are hard now days, daddy dont go to work and earn loads any more, most men are on low incomes or minimum wage and the cost of living is higher than incomes and now both man and woman has to work to survive.

    It makes me sick when a pwc says i cant afford to live or put food on table or i cant make ends meet then they go to the csa to get money from a NRP who is in the same boat and struggling to live and the csa just take the money.

    I understand pwc who struggle and need help but every body is in the same boat now becouse of low wages.

    a fair way to do it is for the csa to means test the NRP like the court used to or debt collectors do. that way maybe NRPs wont run n hide or lie and the PWCs will get their money however much it is.

    who agrees????

  • Fayce says:

    I am French and I have this kind of issue.

    I was paying my ex every months but she called the CSA just to for the pleasure to see me struggling…unfortunately for her. I have a good salary and I am starting to chase her with a lawyer as she never came at the birth registration office to let me write my name on the birth certificate.

    She doesn’t let me see my son properly as well. She wants my money but she doesn’t want me in the life of my little boy but I am going to make her understand that she will have to see me until the day I die :>)

    She probably thinks that her new partner could replace me…My son is 2 years old and I know that he will consider her partner as his father for a while, until he will be on age to understand and will know this sad truth. British women are really special and not in the good way…I think that is really sad that all the power is given to the mother, where is the equality in all this?

    Anyway, just one advice for all the Dads who are in a similar situation, NEVER GIVE UP, FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT and for YOUR CHILDREN.

  • terry says:

    just went tothe bank pick up my wages and noticed 441 gone i asked my head office why and they said it was deduction of earnings im livid considering this is for 2 children 1 ive never heard of and the other who is 12 and ive not seen since he was 2 because my ex got a new partner and he didnt like me around im not on either birth certificate but yet im made to pay for these 2 children how is that right. im disgusted as i now dont even have enough to pay rent or live.. its UNREAL

  • Calvin says:

    I’ve just got off the phone to a member of the assessment teams at the CSA regarding payments for my 14 year old daughter to my ex-partner.
    I currently earn a gross wage of around £2200/month and deductions (including non-optional pension payments of £290 and childcare voucher payments of £190) are around £850. This leaves me with around £1350 net payment.
    The CSA currently take £429.66/month to leave me with approx £920.

    I live with my Wife and our 2 year old son.
    My mortgage is around £600/month so you can imagine there’s not a lot left to go round.
    I’ve just been told that on the ‘NEW SYSTEM’ i would be paying around £200/month, but as i’m ‘COMPLIANT’ i won’t be moved onto the new system until all ‘NON-COMPLIANT’ cases are dealt with.
    Hope they hurry up before i have to sell my house or leave my job to live off benefits…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    p.s. I’ve not missed a payment since splitting from my daughter’s mother in 2002 and don’t begrudge making payments, but when my ex-partner is off on a three week safari holiday this year i’ll be in a caravan in Filey for four nights as that is as much as we can afford without goin into debt……

  • D says:

    Had my first letter off the CSA yesterday, rang up immediately to organize payments through them. They told me they’d already sent out a deduction of earnings…is this legal?
    I stopped paying maintenance when I was made unemployed, however prior to this I was paye and my daughter’s mum got her money every week even when I had nothing. After losing my job and not being able to pay weekly maintenance my communication with my daughters mother broke down. My life was made hell after everything I did for her.
    Anyway this last few months I’ve been lucky and found a good job , am now able and willing to pay maintenance, though I’m being forced out of my daughter’s life by her mum, but this DOE order is for 700+ a month? The CSA have saidi need to pay the arrears of 4000+ immediately or within 2 years.
    I have a wife and 2 children of my ownwith only 1 income, but they don’t care. I understand I have to pay but they’re not willing to compromise atall. And if I do more overtime to try and cover this then my maintenance goes up with it so I can’t win..
    Any idea’s?

  • JakDaniels says:

    DEO is a corrupt and illeagal way the CSA collect alleged payments they say are due to PWC from NRP.
    Get your payroll dept or HR to lok at a copy of the Employment rights Act 1996, Part 2, deductions by employer…

    13 Right not to suffer unauthorised deductions.

    (1)An employer shall not make a deduction from wages of a worker employed by him unless—
    (a)the deduction is required or authorised to be made by virtue of a statutory provision or a relevant provision of the worker’s contract, or
    (b)the worker has previously signified in writing his agreement or consent to the making of the deduction.
    (2)In this section “relevant provision”, in relation to a worker’s contract, means a provision of the contract comprised—
    (a)in one or more written terms of the contract of which the employer has given the worker a copy on an occasion prior to the employer making the deduction in question, or
    (b)in one or more terms of the contract (whether express or implied and, if express, whether oral or in writing) the existence and effect, or combined effect, of which in relation to the worker the employer has notified to the worker in writing on such an occasion.

    A DEO is not a staturary provision, Inc tax and national insurance is. also, when your employer also takes the £1 to cover administration just inform them they are making money off the back of your children and thats child trafficking, highly illeagal.

  • Bob says:

    Just had a bill in from CSA stating that I owe another £2,500 despite being clear of arrears thanks to a DOE…

    The bite is that my former employer has only paid this 3x in the past 3 years! This is despite the fact that it has come off my wages every single month like clockwork yet I’m hit with a bill again.

    For once the CSA (dare I say it) has been really helpful and will hopefully hit them with a fine..good luck with that one I say! This is however the ONLY positive dealing I’ve had with them and their DOE system since 2000…

  • Ian says:

    I have been making regular payments for 8 years to the CSA except for 2 spells of unemployment through redundancy, which ads up to around 7 months of non payment. when my first assesment was carried out and because the CSA work on weekly pay not and dont deal with monthly pay i had a right job convincing the assesor that i had to pay 12 months a year and not 13 months a year. She was convinced that every month had 28 days in it.

    Despite this initial trouble i have never had much trouble until the last 18months. When i started my most recent employment in April 2012. I carried out my own calculation as not to fall in arrears, i sent the appropiate payslips to the CSA and they were happy with the £424 a month i was paying for 3children, taking into account My 2 step children who live with me and the number of nights i have my own 3 children. They never returned my payslips. I moved home in April and had to miss one payment as i had to pay a deposit on a rented property. Within 1 week the CSA rang me, i said i would pay double the following month for the month i missed which they were happy with, i took the oppurtunity to give them my new postal address.

    This is when it got bizzare and showed the true light of the fact that the CSA are legalised robbers, happy to destroy the lives of famillies. I was told over the phone that i owed £36000 in arrears(Approx 6.5 years of payments), i honestly thought it was April fools day. I asked them where they ot their figures from, they claimed i never payed for the first year and the 7 months i was out of work. I pointed out that i did pay for the first year but agreed i did not pay for 7 months as i was unemployed a part of which i claimed job seakers allowance. She then asked if i would like to pay by debit or credit card, i just burst out laughing. Even after pointing out that if her figures were correct i would be liable for over £2000 pm payments and must have an income of around 100k or whatever. I asked her to write to me me with there invented figures so i could respond in a correct manner. She agreed but pointed out that they sent the figures out twice in Sep2012 which is a lie. She also threatened me with a DOE

    A couple of months passed and no letters arrived, i thought ok there attempt of daylight robbery was impossible to achieve even by their crooked standard. Then suddenly out of the blue another call. My contact details were not updated from the previous call, the lady said it may be down to a technical error. This time I owe £12000 (a 2/3 reduction), still incorrect argued the toss again their just not interested. I asked if they could write again to my correct address to which she agreed, but pointed out if i did not respond in the correct time i would be at risk of a DOE.

    Time went by no letter. Checked my bank yesterday to find around £950 missing, i had no payslip so rang payroll praying it was their cock up and not my worst nightmare come true, i was obviously dissapointed. Payroll informed me that they had been instructed to take £995 next month and for 22months.Cancelled my standing order to CSA straight away. Spoke to my ex, she had received a letter early this month about what was happening but also new the figures were rubbish. Rang the CSA, what do you know they still have my old address, i am sure they do it on purpose. trying to stay calm and working out how to sort this out, awaiting a letter that may come may not. Obviously being over £500pm worse off has turned our family life upside down. bills have been cancelled except for rent, to allow to pay for food and petrol. Not to stressed considering i got one hell of a fight against probably the most fascist, vile organisation on the planet. tbc

  • Bincrafty says:

    The CSA are liars, rude arrogant and I am sure all the people who works there are from former SS families.

    My ex lied to her teeth to them, I had some rude bitch phone me up and tell me to pay the CSA or else. So I started weekly paying my ex to her account because I thought having an electronic transfer would prove I paid. OH no it does not unless it said Child Maintenance, on the payment.

    See just said I did not pay so then they took £1100 straight from my employer, no notification or nothing.

    I am not on the birth certificate cause my ex decided this at the time. Also being a Freeman I live by the rules of common law just like she does except she thinks its OK to live of Benefits which is an insult to freemen.

    When approached by the CSA she said those were payments for money owed, yet when I left the rent was in advance, the council tax was in advance (they refunded it which she tried to keep) she kept all the money in the joint account.

    She stole my breeding queen cats and sold all the kittens, she ran up £600+ on a mobile phone in 1.5 months. Yet she gets away with this. Yet the £150,000 + she has had through my private medical care for cancer treatment is not considered, I asked them can you put a price on a mothers life?

    CSA judge all fathers as dead beats, when asked why I paid for a kid that might not be mine I told them I had raised her eldest as my own for the past 17years!!

    I agree with the comments just give up work, its easier or just don’t ever have kids or if you do draw up a child agreement like a prenup. It makes me made why should the mother “automatically” get the kids. anyone who says its natural or something like that needs a slap! In nature a lot of the time fathers raise the offspring

  • A says:

    CSA are robbers nothing more, can send a father (ME) a notice of deduction of earnings because THEY couldnt get hold of me for ONE week…. tried to say they had phoned but would they not have left a message or missed call….

    they do not take into consideration outgoings of the non-resident parent or the fact that both parents make roughly the same money but they should. all the csa take into account is what you earn taking clothes off the back of one child to hand an astonishing amount of money to another is disgusting, at least she will “have fun spending all my money”!! child support?! dont make me laugh! tool for degenerates to make a few quid…. more like it.

    CSA YOU ARE A JOKE! mothers all over the country are laughing all the way to the bank… or the pub, if you arent the robbers you are assisting!

  • A says:

    IAN…..424 quid a month for 3 kids, lucky you, they wanted 420 off me for one! in my eyes two made the child and if both are full time employed then it should be 50/50, does it cost £840 a month to keep a 16 month old child?????mmmmmm nope!

  • Hayley says:

    A – are you taking the piss? Pay 50/50? My sons father denied parentage, we had already done a DNA test but he had got a friend to do it!!!, then 2 months later, constant stress and shit from CSA, to both of us, he then tells me he wants to go private again cause CSA are idiots. I paid AGAIN, surprise surprise it cane back him and now hes blocked unknown calls so CSA can’t get hold of him, therefore will be applying for DEO. I’ve never wanted his money, still don’t, but after wasting my money by messing with the first test we did and then making me pay foe the second, I think he owes me something!! I understand there are those who do pay but for those that don’t, they deserve everything they get!

  • Nick says:

    under data act of british law some one can refuse as data sharing is done under human rights act. csa take rights away from people who are awating invesgestio.

    I was asked how much i wanted to pay what not explained how much um sorry you told me you was complant team um no your not… right im going to force you to pay tape is there lol law to there selfs.

    not any more

  • Nick says:

    in past they wanted 400 hundred of me back paid back paid last time i had a raw No i do not owe 3000 look into um no you dont its an over payment of that. right you can pay me it back well no it does not work like that! then when demand went in no you owe us lol complaint
    went in 12months now here there ever where.

    who would agree to paying more out when your own money. lol Would you pay for hair cut which cost ten pounds then pay with a twenty pound leave the change and pay for next hair.

  • Nick says:

    went to court told you pay you see stop by mother no did csa stop well im ready for court now csa panel of people who can see all informtion from both parties and see the out come.

    mr Nicholas Gray
    from Hereford.

  • Troy says:

    Haha, I pay 148 pounds a week for my daughter, I have paid it since April 2014, i recently uncovered that am paying over a thousand pounds extra that I don’t owe, and proved it to CSa through written correspondents, phoned the Falkirk centre and spoke to “Sam” who was very condescending she siad because I never replied in 28 days ive still got to pay it, when I phoned em in August I had already paid £4000 odd, anyway they refused to budge, so I replied again in writing, this Time, they sent a reply saying that they won’t change it and I cannot go to a tribuneral, well in that case they are blatantly stealing money from me which I thought was against the law, and I thought anyone could go to a i dependant observer

  • Sarah says:

    Most of these comments are so ridiculous I don’t even know where to begin!

    If you have children you pay for them.

    It really is that simple!

    Look at some actual economic research and you’ll see the current estimate is that it will cost an average of £700pw to support a child until they are 21. Maintenance is nothing on this.

    To those on here moaning about their current partner not wanting to pay for their children from a previous relationship – how is this not a massive red flag to you?! I wouldn’t touch someone like that with a 10ft pole! Oh and the courts award contact to fathers who are hardened criminals (under supervision) so the “ex won’t let him see the children” line is utter tosh!

  • Sarah B says:

    Im a woman and even I think they should get rid of this horrible organisation! I must admit I used to use the csa in order to receive some maintenance from my ex partner as at the time he wouldnt even contribute a pack of nappies! As time went on I seen what the stres s did to him he can barely afford rent own a car or just generally socialize with friends. Me and my ex have always been the best of friends regardless of being apart and I went through the csa just to basically get a little help from him not through greed. The stress was amense for him he even had thoughts of suicide I told them to knock the arrears off and reduce the amount. The csa are the WORST people to speak to iv had better conversations with my dog they dont communicate their lazy .. ignorant they spout shite down the phone none of it makes any sense each case workers got a differant answer every time you ring I agreed they kept telling me they would stop the arrears and reduce the amount they never did they kept taking from him but my kids was never receiveing the full amount and spouted more shite down the phone and told me the amounts was correct I even had my local branch at the bank look over at it they laughed and told me that the csa was known for lieing in the end I told them I wanted the case closed that if they didnt leave my ex alone he would end up in serious depression mode. They told me they had closed the case weeks ago but yet they carried on taking and taking from him I told them to send the money to me so I could give it back to my childs father now their telling me theyve lost £580 and havent a clue where it has gone so my ex has worked for nothing he has now quit his job and is currently on medication I will never ever ever go back to that place again, that horrible organisation will put fathers in early graves get rid of it now! Let mothers receive their child benefits & CTC and leave csa out of it! If the father willingly gives you money then great but forcing fathers into giving all their hard earned cash away and csa taking the piss out of the system is not worth it!

  • thank god for the csa says:

    2 years ago I got pregnant by a man I had casual sex with on / off for over 8 years. That’s the point the choice was made; by us both. There was no further option available.

    What followed was me trying to be reasonable and make contact while he acted and reacted disgracefully.

    He expressly stated that he wants nothing to do with my child. I have a well paid job but in order to provide a stable family environment where the only parent is physically present as much as possible, I have had to reduce my hours and consequently my salary by 1/3.

    I don’t need the father’smoney, but his son does. 3 days nursery a week = £537.50.

    I contacted CSA because he would not respond to me other than to spout some acerbic shite. He has a very well paid job and he paid maintenance because he was legally obliged to. Until very recently that is, when he changed jobs with a period off in between where he had a nil assessment for a couple of months. He has given my son nothing in the interim.

    He had been paying over £450 a month which went straight to a nursery account which I topped up. So, he paid the equivalent of 2.5 days childcare. No nappies, no food in my son’s belly, swimming lessons, no clothes on his back.

    Spoke to the CSA last week for an update. They told me he has now submitted salary information but “couldn’t” pay any backdated monies owed. They stated that they would give him an opportunity to pay and if unsuccessful would arrange a deduction of salary.

    Now, I feel bad enough having to go to the CSA at all, but to arrest wages doesn’t sit well with me at all. I asked them not to do that. I didn’t tell them that he has lied about the date he started the job… because I don’t want to cause him grief.

    My 1.5 year old son has received nothing from this man for months now… because he can’t pay. I guess that’s because he’s just bought himself a £40,0000 car (it’s a hairdressers one; and its not cool.) Of course he can pay – he’s just being a prick.. and a bully.

    Thank god for the CSA. I have confidence they will help us out. Bad as I feel, I’d feel worse in 15 years if I had to say to my son that our life could have been made a bit easier if his sperm donor had helped out a bit.

    Bottom line… we both made the baby… you know the answer… put a condom on.

    In the meantime, while he’s hoping I catch something particularly nasty… complications… he called it, I will bring my son up as best I can and hopefully he’ll not be f#[email protected] up because his father doesn’t want to know him.

    I don’t hate the man… how can I… but I do wish he’d grow up… grow a pair… whatever.

    As for the lady who suggested get rid of CSA and claim benefits… sure… no probs. Do you want to pay for my child.. ultimately doesn’t that just mean everyone else was paying for our fuck? No offence intended but I wouldn’t pay for a shag for myself so I’m sure as hell not going to pay for anyone else’s if the shagee can afford to pay his way. In my case the father…
    expensive fuck that one turned out to be.

  • Paul Gibbons says:

    CSA have destroyed me. Best years of my working life are been destroyed.
    DEO on my wage is so dispropotionate that I am left on the bread line.

    I wish people would stop thinking a pecentage is fair.
    Taking 20% of David Beckams wages is considrably less damaging than taking 20% off someone who is on minimum wage.
    Minimum wage is not even in line with a living wage which would let people live fulfilling lives. Men are expected to live on 20% less than this. Its inhuman.

    The idea of maintainance was created to fit a neuclear family where dad goes out an earns (A better wage) and mother stays at home as home maker. There was no such thing as (slave) minimum wage.

    After taking 20% of minimum the man then has to pay rent/mort gauge (not likely)
    Then bills and feed themselves. Its just plain wrong.

    If you take 20% of an MP’s wage he would have to down grade from driving a Bentley to a ford. If you take 20% off someone on a basic wage he the has to skip meals, eating s**t from freezer shops and eating reduced food, stop paying gym fees an is unable to go out and be active. I would say it has serious imact on a persons health.

    Its not like you can just move on either. I was seeing a single mother for a time but if I acctually moved in with her I would have to take on the rent/ bills for a 3 bedroom house and pay for her family. After paying child maintainance ???
    It was just not realistic. Impossible. Going nowhere.

    Also because im not able to buy property or improve my situation during my prime working years when I get old and infirm I will become a burden on the state. If CSA is designed to save taxpayers money it is short sighted and a total false ecconomy.

    How many men who deal with CSA have a serious depression ?

    I do.

    Over 90 cases of suicide have been attributed to the CSA.

  • Keith says:

    Well thanks for all you have done helping me to lose my home helping me to sleep on a friends couch having out of £2000 pm to just £200 to live on for the next miserable 4 weeks oh almost forgot I happen to be a type 1 diabetic and now a very sick man as a direct result of your actions CSA good show eh!
    Actual payed my way privately until my daughter turned 18 going to uni. Stopped and now a broken man NICE JOB, VERY NICE.

  • Nicky says:

    Suicide is the biggest killer of men in the UK. The CSA have a large part of ALL suicides in this country, not just the male suicides.
    Sadly, the CSA play right into the captures hands.

    The less the NRP sees the kids the more they pay to the PWC.
    – presto –
    The PWC decides that there wont be any more visitation for more money and the

    The Family Court is impotent to the PWC powers and be able to enforce visitation but the CSA has the absolute right to bankrupt the NRP making it virtually impossible for the NRP to contest any action against them. CSA even have powers above Court Orders – I learned that the hard way.

    And the cycle continues until 1 in 3 kids don’t see their NRP after divorce or (because of single parent homes and the most of any country in Europe) 1 in 4 young adults have criminal records.

    The CSA is evil – outdated – and has blood on their hands. blood from the NRPs who killed themselves and blood from the victims of poor single parenting.

    Well don’t Britain! I’m off to kill myself now…

  • tony t says:

    Question for anyone who knows.
    History of case first. I have been paying arrears of over £5500 (112 pcm) due to an error made by the csa between 1994 and 2000. I was only made aware of these arrears when my daughter turned 19, 3 yrs ago when the case ceased. I challenged this debt as i had never been made aware of any arrears on my case at any point while the case was live. I would have paid, however feel the csa have absolutely made an error but as i was an easy target they kept a deductions from earnings order going to collect these unlawful arrears
    The CSA at the time i challenged it advised if i was employed in another company they would not have been able to enforce the deo and would not be able to recover these arrears via the courts.
    i have recently been made redundant and gained employment elsewhere so the deo is no longer in effect but i still have over £2600 in arrears. So my question (finally) is, are the csa able to enforce collection of these so called arrears?

  • ian cognito says:

    @c moore – maybe you need to live in a fathers shoes for a while, there are two sides to every story! I am not saying you are wrong and he is right, what is going on here by the British Government and others is no more than grand larceny, genocide on a grandose scale!

    People in Britain need to man up get together and take these twats down. I for one am sick of living of the scraps left by these sociopathic psychopaths

  • jesse says:

    I have to say all cases are different and I can see it from both sides. I repeatedly contacted my ex to see his child and to come to some sort of arrangement. After several month I contacted csa he never returned calls or replied to letters. Eventually they managed to contact him and he was not interested in complying a doe was served. In 7 year there in nothing for months on and when recalculated this always results in arrears. He has never moved job he just takes time of sick and doesn’t contact agency until several months later when he returns to work and they track him down. I hate when these arrears occur as I think it is unfair on him aswell. But a phone call would stop this. Just now the arrears are running at almost 2000. Csa is closing cases and application to cma is next. Looking at the hefty charges to him resident payment I have chosen to let the case close. Then it is up to him to make arrangements or not

  • R says:

    I’m a paying parent. I’ve been compliant to the csa/cms and told them I’m willing to pay. I don’t see my oldest two due to the parent being a t***. My other girl I see on a very near 50 50 court order. I also have a boy of 2yr old in my current relationship. I’m on minimum wage an earn 1000 every 4 weeks. Now cms have sent a deo to my employer as the children’s parents have requested it to be paid this way.. they are taking 40% as they say they are leaving me with 60% of my wage. That leaves me with 600 quid. 450 rent. So 150 to pay gas electric water. Phone bills council tax.. food nappies wipes. Insurence car tax and fuel.oh n my daughter cones every Wednesday very other weekend fei till Monday and shared school holidays… could you live on 150 quid for 4 weeks and support your family…

  • Helen says:

    Cms are worse than the csa . My partner has always paid his way for the last 6 yrs he is a sole trader and the slag has now met yet another money pit and because he has kids and of course paying more than my man because he is employed by a company . She now decided to take a new case against him they want 60 % more of us that is never going to happen she is a lazy cow that never worked got maintenance coming from all over the pace because of different fathers etc . She just lost 600 a month due to the state no longer paying for her son now he’s 16 as he has very slight autism other two we no longer pay for .
    So she’s down on her money and we have to pay don’t think so we are now going limited company and my partner will pay himself a wage that will be the minimum she get 5 pounds a week . Can’t wait to see the cows face . And it’s definitely not about not paying it’s about ex ‘s being greedy lazy shit’s while we are both out working to keep that lazy cow on her flabby ass. She get less now and it will cost her and until it’s all sorted we never missed a payment to the money grabbing low life . She theses mothers stick with this to get paid for having kids it’s wrong . Ex partners also have a life and bills to pay . We as both of us are working have a dam right to have more money than her yet she still have a newish car drives and now lives in a bigger house for tall the kids she breeds . Can’t afford them don’t have them . This country is totally unacceptable it’s wrong what they try and do to the ex partners they ruin families put good working people on the dole . Who is going to work for nothing and give their money to their ex to sit on her butt all day no one . Cms csa need stopping . Kate m if your reading this what you going to spend you 5 pounds a week on ?? Shot yourself in the face really . Can’t get one over on me that is for sure .

  • Emma says:

    Hi all.. im a parent whos contacted cms the dad wont seem to pay for his children which he should its disgusting that he dont pay iv read all the comments on here and i sympathise with some of you
    The cms should only go after the parent who refuse to pay and then a DOE inplace i dont agree with some of the comments that ‘they only do it for more money’ well i think that if the moneys being spent on the child then fair enough its hard to raise kids amd dads should pay i know alot of you do pay and well done but theres some dads that think its a thing to shout about that hes actually paid what do you want a blue peter badge? Pay for your kids end of

  • Jayne Kiernan says:

    I am pretty grateful to the CSA, I was married for 16 years and have 4 children to the same man. I have tried to tell him to forget making payments and come and see his children once a month, he hasn’t been for 3.5 years. I organised mutual payments which he didn’t pay saying he couldn’t afford them 25.00 a week for all 4! My current husband and myself both had 2 jobs each to try and support all our family. I received a letter from child maintenance that my ex earns 585,00 a week!!!!!!! He did get given the chance, since he’s moved on to have another child think I should start thinking a bit more about mine!

  • Rach says:

    Some of these comments leave a lot to be desired. Deduction from earnings is a last resort which the resident parent has had to fight tooth and nail for after the non resident parent has tried every trick in the book to avoid paying or barely anything- usually for way longer than a year or two. The father of my eldest two (now early 20’s) avoided the CSA for years on top of leaving me in 9 grand of debt.

    I can not tell you the scrimping and saving I had to do or the endless phone calls to the CSA that back then did cost. They caught up with him eventually, slapped on a deduction of earnings which his employer refused to pay which resulted in the employer being fined. Finally the ex did start paying but had a back log of years of arrears on top which yes probably did leave him struggling for some time but he only had himself to blame.

    Ironically the man I next entered into a relationship with and who became the father of my youngest (nearly 13 yrs) used to criticise that ex no end for the lack of financial support and said he’d never be like that if we split. (Not that he financially helped much either with them or his own daughter for that matter). Cutting a long story short it ended up being a very toxic relationship where I endured nearly 15 years of all kinds of emotional abuse. He had an affair and moved in with the new woman within days also leaving me in debt.

    He made a small handful of payments after CMS calculations before moving approx 90 mins drive away and job hopping for months. He’s been in regular full time employment since Aug ’17. I even gave him time to get back on his feet before going to the CMS again but I got nothing but threats that he will not go through them again and I will only get what he decides for our daughter via a bank transfer (£10 per month).

    I know I’m fortunate to receive this compared to others that get nothing but why should I have to when he earns over a grand a month? It just about covers her school bus fare- nothing else. I have to work multiple jobs barely seeing her just so as I can provide properly for her. He expects to see her when he pleases usually once a month with little more than 24-48 hrs notice. If I dare object to anything he has threatened with doing me for harassment which he tried to do when I found out about his affair. The sad thing about this is our daughter always has been and still is such a daddy’s girl. It breaks my heart he doesn’t think she’s worth more (and I’ve even told him I’ll upload receipts of things to prove it’s going on her) or see her more- yet he’s got the money to pay for cars and holidays. So yes forgive me if I fight tooth and nail yet again for a deduction of earnings no matter how long it takes.

    He plays the doting father act, all round model citizen/charmer and moralistic Christian and victim himself to all that meet him. It’s why I would rather remain alone/dignified than get in to any sort of relationship where a man is such a poor excuse to his children. For these women to then abysmally defend the said actions of some of these NRP’s is deplorable. One just has to hope that they never end up doing the same to you/your children together because believe me it can and does happen no matter what they tell you when you’re still together!

  • Iann says:

    The CSA are chasing me for a debt that been written off as I have a letter to say the debt has been written off and I no longer have to pay child support but it seems they don’t check there files. Can anyone give advice on this matter

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