Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission will have absolute power

June 7, 2008

Later this year the CSA, child support agency, becomes the new Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission (C-MEC). This new body will have even more power than the CSA, giving them power to take money directly from people’s bank accounts, impose curfews, seize money from the sale of property and confiscate passports.

Given the mistakes the CSA have already made, this could mean thousands of fathers in the UK being wrongfully penalised with little hope of resolution. The powers that are being endowed upon the new Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission are similar to the sort of powers that are saved for anti-terrorism bodies.

Fathers are being treated like terrorist. All they want is to be a part of their children’s lives.

The Government’s bill is currently working its way through Parliament, and could be successful within a few weeks.

While the CSA has been dogged by mistakes and incompetence since its creation in 1993, replacing it with an even more powerful body seems like asking for trouble.

Kim Fellowes is a solicitor based in the North East, and she warns against these powers coming into play.

These new powers will affect every single family going through separation in the North-East.

For fathers, this means the safety net of the court has been removed. Someone might not agree that they have been sent to prison for a criminal offence, but at least they know they have been tried before a court.

The difference here is that there is no court scrutiny.

And if the father believes he is being unfairly pursued or harassed, that could mean a severe backlash for the mother as she will get the blame. The risk is that even a separation that was previously fairly amicable could become strained.

The problem is that if the new body has more powers than the CSA, the errors will stay the same but the consequences of those errors will be magnified. In the early days of the CSA, a report found errors in a staggering 86% of cases!

Even though improvements were promised, little was done as a Nation Audit Office report made in 2006 found that 20% of all payments made to the CSA were inaccurate. Should these mistakes continue with the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission, they could breach human rights.

Fathers 4 Justice hold a national sperm strike

June 4, 2008

We received this message from the Fathers4Justice, and naturally we had to post it. They’re organising a protest against the Child Support Agency, and is right behind them all the way,

Hi I am a member of F4J and we are organising a national demo against the CSA, I believe that many of your readers would be interested and I would be grateful if you could post some details regarding this somewhere?. Below are the details…


Are you a redundant dad? Did you get your P45 but are still being fleeced? Are you angry with the CSA? Have they stitched you up? Now it’s YOUR turn to have YOUR say this Fathers Day.

Don¹t let Labour Make Fatherhood Redundant! Ask ŒFlash¹ Gordon why he doesn’t give a toss for fathers!

FATHERS 4 JUSTICE & SPERM (Society for the Promotion of Equal Rights for
Men) presents


Make your sperm count at Bristol Job Centre, The Pithay, Bristol, Avon, BS1 2NQ between 10.00am ­ 2.00pm on Friday 13th June 2008 where dads will be arriving looking for work as, er, dads before we move on to our top secret target.

Fathers are being made redundant in the family courts and by the CSA. As one dad said to us recently, ³I used to be a dad, now I’ve been made redundant and instead of a redundancy package, I now have to pay through the nose for the privilege of not seeing my kids!²

Featuring: a giant 40ft long phallic symbol with the words ŒFREE OUR COX ­ DON’T TAX OUR TADGERS¹

What to bring: white space hoppers, white balloons, gallons of wallpaper paste, foam machines, giant water cannons from Woolworths, air horns, whistles, ŒBoycott Your Sperm Bank banners.

Dress: All White, white ŒSperm¹ T shirts (available on day)

Music: Monty Python’s ŒEvery Sperm is Sacred & ŒThe Penis Song

Finale: a buttock bearing finale of ŒDon¹t go down with Brown – Todgers on stun! Let’s baste the bastards!

Vote: With your loins. The sperm has turned ­ don’t go with the flow.

Please register today at [email protected] spread to other groups and forums ­ all welcome!

Top Super Sperms in Action:

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Part 1

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New! Part 2
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Many Thanks

CSA Minister James Plaskitt gloats over money they’ve taken

June 3, 2008

James Plaskitt, the CSA Minister recently gloated that they’d taken £1billion in the UK last year, with nearly £2 million of that money going to children in St Albans.

The CSA claim they are doing good work in ensuring that children get money they are owed, stating that the money works out at £2,500 per child. MP Anne Main disagrees, saying there has been no visible improvement in St Albans since 2005. Who is correct I wonder?

On the face of it, these figures seem to show that, in terms of collections of maintenance in CSA cases, there has been no improvement in St Albans.

This is not in line with the rest of the country, where there have been significant improvements in collection levels.

Unfortunately, this seems to be indicative of a patchy delivery system in the CSA nationally, and this is worrying.

I have been contacted by a number of constituents with sad cases where the failures of the CSA have led to further deteriorations in family relationships and I know they are keen to see an improvement in operations.

Concerns over the amount money the CSA raise, compared with how much has actually gone to the child, have been raised by Mrs Main in the past. What is happening to the rest of the money? Who is pocketing the cash?

James Plaskitt on the other hand thinks the CSA have done a wonderful job as he buries his head in the sand and gives the usual rallying speech.

It is excellent news that we are getting more money to more children.

Existing CSA clients should be reassured that they will continue to see further improvements when the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission is established later this year.

The Child Support Agency and its improvement plan has delivered real enhancement to the child maintenance system.

In the meantime, the CSA will continue to pursue parents who evade their financial responsibilities. Our message to them is clear. Act now or we will.

It’s a startling example of someone completely missing the point. The children are not getting the money their fathers are paying. Where is it going Mr Plaskitt?

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