Am I entitled to more?

July 12, 2017

I am looking for some advice on a situation with my daughters dad (ex partner) he has been paying regular amounts of £180 per month towards the upkeep of our daughter. He has made comments about reducing this amount and I’m wondering how I work out how much I’m entitled to.

Do I still need to pay CSA if daughter applies to college after 19?

July 6, 2017

A bit of advice if anyone knows.

It’s regarding college.

My daughter has finished college this week. She has to apply for next year at college, 2year of a two year course.

The csa Web site states that the child has to be accepted before they are 19. She is 19 and has just applied.

Does this mean that csa stops as she has not been accepted yet?

How can I get CSA to conduct an audit of lying ex’s books?

June 27, 2017

Help. My ex partner was made redundant july 2016 and started his own business and says he only earns $37k a year. This is just not possible given his expenses such as about 1 million in property, car loan ect ect. he could not afford to live on that amount. The csa have taken his word for it twice, and wouldn’t let my childsupport be reduced by the additional $70k he got in a redundancy so he went for that year only paying $220 a month and I now have to pay $640 a month. I only have a house worth $460K and I he also makes me pay for all expenses for the children on top of childsupport. I am at my wits end, he is clearly lying about his income but he is self employed so i can’t prove it. He is propably doing cash jobs as well. I need to know how can i force an audit of his books or something…..

Don’t expect any sense of fairness

June 22, 2017

Don’t expect any sense of fairness whether you are NRP or PWC, I have been both. my case stretched 21 years, and the final outcome after 21 years of inaccurate assessments, case closed, lost files, system harassment, threats of bailiffs, prison, passport withdrawal, etc. is that my ex wife has offered me the opportunity to pay her a lump sum payment of £ 10k – but for me, I don’t receive a single penny for being PWC.

As a result, my son has banned her from seeing my new grandson, he hates her completely, and the 10k, that was for my daughters mortgage deposit so only one winner, except, I feel that I have my dignity, I’ll put this behind me, destroy the boxes of files and stop waiting for brown envelopes, oh, and anyone from Vertex, Serco , the isa call centre, hopes of you getting new employment, very slim

If son takes football scholarship, do I continue paying maintenance?

June 19, 2017

I pay child maintenance direct to my ex wife and was wondering when I should stop paying as I pay direct to her. My child is hoping to be offered a residential football scholarship next year when he will be 16 yrs old. Does this count as further education and mean I should continue with paying or does it mean I should stop. If he is offered this scholarship he’ll stay on site mon to fri and come home at weekends?

Will moving to the UK ease my CSA worries?

June 10, 2017

Do you know anything about moving from Canada to England and if moving and not paying child support or unreasonable fines/fees/costs, etc will be a problem if I stay and get my citizenship in the UK? I have eligibility for UK Ancestry Visa.

I am not a bad guy just a victim of a very one sided unfair legal system and I see no end to being dragged into court yet again for almost anything. My ex-wife makes $75000/year, has a very secure job and a Masters degree education and the children 90% of the time and gaining. Any information is appreciated.

When do I stop paying CSA if my children are now working?

May 22, 2017

I have been paying csa for my 2 children since my ex and I split 4 years ago. My children are now 17 and 16, one is about to leave school and start full time employment but she has already been working 30 hrs a week while at school. My son is in a similar situation and wants to leave school and start a career in electrical engineering, he has the grades mow but his mother is advising him to stay on at school to get more qualifications as possible.

My thinking is its more to do with receiving csa from me. Just this week I’ve had a call regarding shared care from the csa as my ex has called them to say that I have them stay less than 52 nights a year which is borderline, but down to there jobs etc it has become less and less, again trying to get more cash from me. She works FT and her new partner does aswell. I also work FT. My question is when do I stop paying csa now that they are working and I also receive a War Disablement Pension, what payments are taken into account with csa and should I just be paying the flat rate? All very confusing help!!!

Can I change son’s name without ex knowing?

May 15, 2017

I had a child with my ex 5 years ago we was in a 6 year relationship before having my baby. and the baby was planned. But as soon as the baby came my ex started to get more and more abusive (as he was before we had a child) but I stayed as I wanted my son to have what I thought was a “family” a mother and father so I got his name on the BC but then it got too hard to stay so I left with my son when he was 9 months old. It has now been 5 years and we have had no contact and he has never paid for anything. My son is going to start school soon and he knows his self to have the same name as me but iv been told that schools go by what’s on BC. as I don’t have any contact with father is there any way I could change my childs last name without my ex knowing?

Parents should stop acting like children and do what is right for their kids!

May 2, 2017

I just wanted to say that after reading many complaints a lot of fathers think ALL women are out to get money and stop the men seeing the children.

This is very sad because I’ve always believed that if you separate it gas nothing to do with patenting and mothers or fathers have equal rights to see their children! I upheld my beliefs and when I separated because of a 13 year marriage filled with violence towards me (not the children at that time) I allowed access on weekends and holidays and wherever possible as I believe it’s not morally right to stop a (good father) seeing he’s children, but in my case I discovered through my daughter their father transferred he’s abuse to them after we had separated and it’s my duty as a patent to protect my babies so I stopped contact, he was investigated through cafcass and a section 7 report revealed abuse of my children 😡 he is NOT allowed to see or contact the children due to he’s violent behavior and that is he’s own fault.

I’m sorry for any fathers out there that are not allowed access due to a relationship breakdown who are GOOD fathers, but it is still financially right to support the children’s day to day need ‘s. I understand a lot of women are childish and use children as tools and this is very wrong, because it’s hurting the children and I just hope that women and some men can wake up and be adults and stop playing silly games with children’s lives.


Daughter is in my care and I pay CMS – How can I get recognised as full-time parent?

April 10, 2017

My daughter is 12, i have been separated from her mum for over 10 years, during this time i have had always had full unrestricted access to my child, she has stayed with me at least 3 times a week and I have always and remain to be financially responsible for her (I work and earn more than decent money, her mother doesn’t so 10 times out 10 it is me who will purchase or pay for whatever is needed at the time, I am also the first and only person she asks if she needs anything).

My current partner and I have, in the past couple of years had two sons, my daughter’s mother has also had a new daughter, since this has happened the situation has escalated to the point where my daughter is only spending 1-2 nights a week at her mother’s house, hence in my eyes I am the main carer for my daughter.

The situation with the child maintenance service is as follows – as I said earlier I have always provided the very best I could for my daughter, she has never gone without anything she’s ever needed, which I have always provided for. Around 3 years ago I was contacted by the CMS stating that I had not been paying for my child and that they were beginning collection procedures against me, I refused to pay as I was already financially responsible for my child and as far as I was concerned she was in my full time care anyway, they stated that my child’s mum had said that I only see my daughter once a week, this obviously was not the truth, I stated as much but the CMS don’t seem believe me so again I refused to pay, I was willing to take the matter to court if need be, however months and plenty of lengthy phone calls with the CMS later, her mum stated that she was willing to negotiate a figure that i should pay, a family arrangement they call it, this figure was agreed, even though i really should have had to.

I have kept to this family arrangement even though I have always felt I shouldn’t need to pay anything to her mother as my daughter is in my care, however it has now got to the stage where she isn’t getting looked after off her mum, her mum isn’t in the house when she finished school, so I am having to finish work early most days, I pay for all her dinners, clothing, private spends, mobile phone, etc, etc.

The CSM have stated that I have to prove that I have the amount of contact I have by way of court order, which I do not have due to the fact I have never had to get legal access, I have always had access to her they have also stated that any monies I pay should be paid into my daughters mum’s bank account, however when I do this my daughter doesn’t see any of it and she still asks me for whatever it is that is needed at the time. Now I would like apply to be legally my daughters full time parent or at least have split parental responsibility, I don’t know how to achieve this as the solicitors I have spoken to have stated that there is no case to fight as I have access, however I no longer want to pay maintenance payments as the money isn’t being spent on my daughter.

I would like to be recognised by a court as my daughter’s full time parent.

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