Wronly named as the father and the CSA will not listen

June 5, 2011

In 1994 i was wrongly named as a child’s father with child maintenace now csa. At the time i called them and explained i am not the father and told me to prove it, i told them to call the mother and ask, they said why should we.

The csa have only just admitted i am not the childs farther 2011 but i have a letter up till 2008 as still named. They have said i had made no payments to the additional child named.

Although there was also another child named on the same letters of which i know about from 1988 with the same mother. My partner at the time thought i have fathered another child with the same mother while we had been together. Our 8 year relationship ended soon after along with my daughter 6 at the time. For 9 years after i lived alone in a 1 bedroomed flat fearing another relationship problem would happen and stayed away from a getting another relationship.

During this time i suffered badly from depression and thought many times of taking my own life. The csa are currently have a liability order against me for unpaid payments 3900 between 2004-2008 hearing is in middle of june.

I can not afford legal fees as we are on benifits. I can not get any free legal advice due to this being a csa case. My life has changed drasticly since then,i am now married to a great understanding wife and 3 year old daughter who im the main carer for while my wife works.

If you require any more information please contact me.


  • Dave says:

    Sorry to hear of your struggle and just thought id try to give some advice. I was in a similar position in the fact that the CSA tried to take me to court for money i did not owe. Despite them telling me there was nothing I could do about it as i had no right of appeal, i was lucky in the fact that my sister is a solicitor who works for a very reputable international law firm. She was as frustrated as I was and you probably are with the CSA call centre staff, so what she did was phoned the magistrates court to get the contact details of the CSA’s lawyers. Their lawyers are much more reasonable people who actually have some idea of the law. Firstly Im guessing the CSA have told you, that you no longer have a right of appeal. That is incorrect as my sister confirmed with their solicitors. Inform them that you are appealing their decision and as you are on benefits you will be in a position to challenge any UK courts decision at the European human rights court for which you would be entitled to Legal aid from Europe. The human rights courts are a very real and legitimate threat which the CSA does not want because the family courts do infringe on human rights.

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