Will the CSA tell me where my daughter is?

November 17, 2011

Hi all, I met my ex 5/6 years ago, she had 2 boys by her ex, when i met her i had a brilliant job bringing in alot of money, I spoiled them and brought them everything they wanted as they had nothing and was on benefits, which i didnt mind, I thought they needed spoiling after there previous dad didnt pay anything towards them and left when the youngest was 1 year old. After 3 years we had our own baby and things from there got worse. Her friend come back from Greece after 4yrs , and my ex decided to start smoking drugs, She would call me at work upset and saying she was bored and depressed and the only thing i do is look after your daughter, i dont know what i will do to myself, So i left work and went home, to find her crying. we went to the doctors who put her on anti-depresant tablets, but things got worse from there every other day she would phone me up at work and say she doesnt know what she will do. So eventually i would go home taking work home with me. This point i had an agreement with my boss’s to take home work when i needed to go etc, which was understanding of them.

Until one day they said enough is enough, You cant keep doing this, i said i have no other option, they said go contract and choose your own hours etc, so i did that. Well the housing bubble went bang and so did my contract role leaving me with out a job, afterwards i started claiming benefits etc, but she was using the money for smoking dope, i told her numerious times give it up or i will leave you, times got bad like we were arguing everyday about that and other things she would sleep in till 1-2 oclock daily with me looking after the boys taking them to school etc and looking after our daughter, anyway last year i split from her and moved up to my parents, i was paying her £30 per week which my parents lent me in cash, and we had an agreement that i would she my daughter, couple of times she allowed me to take out the youngest boy but stopped that, now my parents have stopped lending me money i needed to sign on again from since last year, ive been trying to contact her, but she has changed her numbers. Now i had a call on my mobile from a 08456090072 which looking on the internet is CSA.

I cant believe she has done this, we agreed not to go down this route, do i have a right to say im not paying anything as im on jobseekers and she will use what money the CSA take to buy dope? I have no problem in contacting the CSA but I would like to find abit more information.

Like what rights do i have seeing my daughter, will they come to an arrangement as she has changed numbers? Will they tell me where she lives so i can see my daughter?

Im not sure what to do next so i a little help from anyone who knows would be apprieciated.

Many thanks


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  1. Karl Garrett on November 17th, 2011 12:21 pm

    Unfortunately, your a bloke, you have no rights. if your on JSA, then £5 a week is all she’s gonna get, so basically shooting herself in the foot. – it’s only greed that sends these women down this route (and revenge of course!).

    best stay unemployed untill the CSA see sense, which is never gonna happen.

    And as for contact etc… don’t even think about it, the family courts are so BIAS it’s untrue, and unfortunately NOT in your favour.

    Sorry to put a down beat note on it 🙁

  2. Bob on November 17th, 2011 12:49 pm

    Family Courts aren’t bias these days. Go for a Contact Order, you will qualify for Legal Aid. You might need a pre-cursor form for a judge to make an order first to release her whereabouts.

    Go to
    http://www.dadtalk.co.uk and go to the Forums and post in Legal Eagle.

  3. Mick on November 18th, 2011 1:29 am

    From the first time the CSA contacted you the maintenance clock stared ticking. So keep back £5 a week just in case they take months to sort out a payment schedule. At least then if they do try to hit you for arrears, you will have the means to pay them. On JSA they cant take anymore than the minimum £5 per week from your benefit. As for finding out where your ex is. the CSA cannot give you that information as it is protected under the data protection act. The message that Bob left above is about the right course of action to take. While claiming JSA you should get free legal aid. Either try the website above or make an appointment at a firm of familly law solicitors local to you to get the ball rolling. Good luck!

  4. Terry norris on November 18th, 2011 9:53 am

    Sadly mate you are stuffed, as Mick says,it might only be £5 a week but the bitch has started that CSA clock ticking and you should save that £5 a week from the day you got the first call from them,it will add up and become arrears.The only saving grace is as Karl said,she will only get £5 a week,and I’d stay on the dole if I was you cause those CSA assholes will hound you now forever AND dream up arrears without explaining to you how they come about the fig of arrears they will claim you owe them.you are basically f***cked now these assholes have got their claws into you.And they have no certains neither do they care about your rights to see your daughter..trust me they don’t care and will tell you so.their only goal and existence is to take as much money from you as poss and leave you penniless so long as you pay ? Then they are happy
    Sorry..no good knows….your ex is a total bitch like mine…she’s using your kid as a money cow to buy her drugs

  5. Steve on November 18th, 2011 1:22 pm

    my advice to you is to write a letter to these leeches telling them you now claim jsa
    send it by recorded post as the c**ts are known to bullsh*te.i wouldn’t worry about keeping back £5 per week as on jsa you cannot be held for arrears as you have no means just wait till they start taking money off your benefit let the dwp do their job
    hope that helps you.

  6. joanne shier on November 18th, 2011 11:00 pm

    Steve is correct, if your on jsa no arrears will mount up as it puts you below living allowance. Let them sort it out, they can easily access dpw seeing as they are technically one department now.

  7. Alice on October 10th, 2012 6:29 pm

    just to correct some of the inaccurate ‘facts’ from the ‘experts above who show their ignorance in not being able to compose a true reply without resorting to being offensive and displaying an expertise only in embarrassing themselves with the use of foul language

    1. The clock starts ticking on the day the CSA successfully contact the NRP, not the day they make the 1st call.
    2. If you are employed the CSA will assess your maintenance as a percentage of your net income – 15% for 1 child, 20% for 2 and 25% for 3 or more – you are only liable for children who are biologically yours or children that you have legally adopted.
    3. CSA will issue a letter clearly stating what your liability is and what they have based their calculation on – this will comprise of your earned income plus and Working Tax Credits you receive (if you are with a partner and that WTC are awarded to your partner as the primary earner they will not include these) and and CTC that are being paid to the household.
    4. Arrears will be from the day your case starts, or if you stop claiming benefit and start work the new maintenance calculation will be effective back to the week you started work.
    5. The CSA will be able to issue a client statement showing all charges applied to the case, all payments made to the case and any outstanding arrears.

    as some have stated in previous replied the CSA cannot release any information as to the address or telephone number for your ex partner as this would breach the Data Protection Act.

    Maintenance is not linked to access – a non-resident parent, whether they be made or female, is morally and legally obliged to support their child/children regardless as to whether they have contact with the child/children.

    Family courts are very un-biased now this is where you should address the issue of gaining access to your daughter. If you have concerns about the care of your child due to the drug use by her mother then this should be reported to social services.

    Verbal agreements between couples are all well and good if both parties stick to them, if a parent with care decides they are not happy and want more then they call the csa and the agency must take the case.

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