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Will my wife starting work affect CSA?

I have got married and was wondering if my spouse starts work will she be required to pay for the child support I have been paying for for a number of years?

I have one child and she lives with my ex. I have been paying faithfully for the past number of years. Just want to know my standing before my wife starts work – will there be any deduction on payments from her salary as well?

2 thoughts on “Will my wife starting work affect CSA?

  1. Your wife’s wages will not be touched, she is not responsible for you or your ex’s child(ren).

  2. Depends on what CSA your on. If you are still on original CSA, her salary will be taken into account as it will be classed as household income……if you are on CSA 2 onwards, it will not be taken into account and if they ask for these details, tell them to fook off!

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