Will he still have to pay arrears if he has paid some directly to me?

March 26, 2014

Ive had a case with the csa for around 2 years my ex failed to pay payments in full which the csa calculated which accumulated arrears.

He then payed me direct for a couple of months to avoid the arrears which i was happy with as rather some sort of contribution than nothing but then payments stopped and became irregular again.

So i went back to the csa and was told the arrears still stand even though he has made payments because he works regular and should be paying. But now im being told the arrears will go as he has paid me direct.

I have been informed several different things from different people can anyone help??


  • Lisa says:

    Yes the arrears will be wiped as he paid you direct! Stop being so bloody greedy and expecting the whole world to pay for you an your offsprings, get a private arrangement that’s affordable to your ex, the CSA destroys lives and relationships between kids and their dads, unless the mother has done that anyway, the Csa have no place in any child’s life, maybe take a read of the horror stories on this site before you go running back to them and realise just because your ex is “absent” doesn’t mean you can financially rape him monthly, if you do I hope he gives his job up

  • Miss r says:

    Unfortunately you are wrong and I’m not being greedy. I work full time for my children and pay shocking childcare costs. Unlike some women who choose to claim every benefit going and not work. If he gives up work then that just proves alot about him in general as he has been given opportunities to pay me direct but failed. Thank you for your response though. Maybe check your facts in future before providing false information to people.

  • Bella says:

    Yes you should tell them what he has paid in the interim.

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