Why haven’t I received any money for two years?

May 29, 2013

hi, i seperated from my ex husband in august 2009. i informed csa because he wouldnt provide for our boys. i was told my ex husband had to pay £13 every week for them, at the time one boy was 16 yrs old and the other was 12 yrs old, i had a few payments but i havent recieved any since july 2011, two yrs ago.

He changed jobs a few times but i found out where he was and told csa. he also doing discos for my uncle and i dont think hes declared it. he doesnt see the boys for months on end, when he does see them its for an hour tops. can you tell me why i havent had any money for 2 yrs off him thanks


  • Karen says:

    You won’t get help on here as this is not the website for the case. Join the Facebook group child support agencies and their failings for advice and support good luck

  • She can get help on here just as much on a Facebook group. We have more visitors than any Facebook group – which is why she found us and not your group Karen.

    Sadly Paula the CSA isn’t interested in chasing people who prove difficult as it takes more of their time. They’re only interested in the quick wins and making the figures look good, which is why they go after fathers who already pay via a DEO and are in steady employment – by adding arrears, or holding up cases so arrears build up, they can show they’re collecting these said arrears, thus making it look like they’re doing a good job.

    If your ex is working and not declaring it that is a tax issue, and the Inland Revenue would be interested – but be careful not to say he’s not declaring money on the Internet if you’re unsure whether he is or not, as it come back to haunt you.

  • Lisa says:

    Unfortunatly karen you only help people who are pwc, your group has a jumped up csa worker who also helps only pwc, regardless of the person whether it be nrp/pwc they all deserve help, were all human beings and deserve respect, what gives women the right to have the upper hand, makes me so mad, when we all pull together and get the csa shut down then maybe kids will get to spend time with both parents regardless of money, thats what your group is about, how much money the pwc are owed and how much they can get in the bank its wrong

  • karen says:

    Well if thats the case, why dont the stop the nastiness and bullying on here from other members when people post. Its so biased its unreal!

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