Why do the CSA not look into cases properly?

August 2, 2015

my wife left me with nothing i still paid £20 per week.

i offered to pay more last year but she refused to as she had a very well paid job..

the now ex-wife has gone to the csa and im soon to be paying nearly double…

i have no problem in paying BUT i also have a new family that reliar on my income.. i have a morgage and im trying to better myself and my family so why should i be brought down by the csa and pay alot more. For when the last 5 years like she has been refused me to see my son .. csa need to look on a wider scale its obvious your life style will change..

1: both incomes should be counted for

2: out goings ( not debts )

3: new life ( kids, house )

the bloke shouldnt suffer when it takes two in life. if a woman cant hard looking after the child (MONEY AND CARE) THEN THE MAN SHOULD AUTOMATICLY GET THE CHILD(IF THATS WHAT HE WANTS)


4 Responses to “Why do the CSA not look into cases properly?”

  1. Poppy Wilson on August 2nd, 2015 11:11 pm

    Sounds like your ex has issues with the green eyed monsters…. The CMS are nothing but a tool for bitter greedy axe grinding sadly usually women exes – they care nothing for the welfare of children or families. Am sure many (usually) fathers would be happy to have their children – not so sure the mothers would pay maintenance………… Far too many women see their children as a meal ticket.

  2. Gonk on August 3rd, 2015 1:23 pm

    Poppy Wilson
    Could have put it any better.
    This government run agency is got shite, it cares fucking zero for the kids. They are a smoke screen, a convenient excuse for these greedy skanks to bleed money out of the ex to piss up the wall as they wish and the csa/cms don’t give a flying fuck.
    My slut of an ex fucked off after just 9 months married, took herself off with my then 3 yr old to live with another guy she had been cyberwhoring with and then dirty week ends.
    The slag then has the cheek to demand money from me for our daughter she took away for another man to raise and play her daddy. Both these fucks work full time plus the child tax credits and other hand outs she gets. These 2 are laughing their asses off at me, I’m forced to hand over £300 each month for 1 daughter, those 2 fucks can piss away how they wish. There’s no way, my ex is spending that £300 a month on my daughter. Under the circumstances, as far as I’m concerned, that woman deserves fuck all from me, she walked out because she wanted to be with another man, she wanted him to raise my daughter. THEN FUCKING RAISE HER…THE TWO OF YOU. WHY SHOULD I…I NEVER WALKED OUT ON MY FAMILY AND MY DAUGHTER DOES NOT LIVE WITH ME..THEREFORE IS NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY. The ex uses my daughter as a cash cow, I’m the ATM machine. My case is typical of the hatred that’s born out of the greedy ex and the csa. Mines a typical example of how this government agency just drives parents further apart. And oh and I was never against providing for my daughter, 50 50 in my mind is she and he take care of her every day needs. I take care of all other needs that I wouldn’t expect the mother to…ie school uniforms, school trips, holiday money, the new clothes, the expensive gadgets the kids all seem to have these days, infact probably above and beyond, plus me and the ex might be on better terms, she could have rang me any time she wanted for financial help, but none of that’s possible now because she didn’t even bother to come and discuss financial arrangements with me. Went straight to the csa, probably after her skank council estate chav friends advised her she could probably get more money out of me going to the csa and not letting me see my daughter to max out her claim.
    Rant over…….again….lol

  3. FightingFather on August 3rd, 2015 4:08 pm

    I can’t agree with you all more….

    The system is terribly unfair and as you’ve all said just a way for the ex (and as confirmed by a conversation the agency – the majority are women) to milk you for every penny!

    They bleat on that its for the kids to have a better life but in reality they don’t. Mine have asked why i don’t take them shopping for stuff or do nice days out like their bitch of a mother does. How can i say its because she bleeds me dry each month and i have trouble feeding myself? They don’t need that worry.

    She had a very successful business working from home but now hardly works at all because of all the handouts from the government and me. How is that fair?
    She prances about in nice new clothes whereas I visit Primark (not knocking Primark) when i can afford to.

    I’ve pleaded to the agency to take into account my outgoings but its like talking to robots. “We don’t make the rules”, “write to your MP” etc. Yeah but you’re quite happy to help vindictive women drive the loving fathers of the children into suicide!

  4. jo on August 6th, 2015 4:06 pm

    @fighting father, it may seem like there is no light, remember this, children will grow up and in that time your ex will be reliant on benefits, she’s going to be screwed when the gravy train ends and forced to find work ?

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