Why do I have to pay if I’m not the father?

December 27, 2013

i carnt understand why i have to pay for this child who is not my son as i was tricked in to putting my name on his birth sertificate it would be obviouse to any one who looked at us together as he is black and i am white paying this is takeing money from my daughter who is white and my partner who is disabled i would agree to a blood test to prove he isnt mine and would like the money taken off me returned


  • Mik says:

    Good luck with that, have a search on how the CSA conducts DNA tests, from what I have read, you won’t be happy.

    But all the best in any case.

  • Lisa says:

    Demand the DNA test, tell them you are willing to pay for the test before you hand anymore money over, if your disputing patnerity they do by law have to give you a DNA test, dont be fooled into thinking you are automatically entitled to a refund of monies paid if the test comes back your not the father, unless of course your ex is generous and she will pay you back

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