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Who can help me fight the CSA?

In the last 3 months I received three assessments all saying different things but funny enough always in arrears!

My money gets deducted direct from my salary and they know clearly what my basic salary is but yet they choose to change payments almost every month.

My patience is running out with their incompetence. Who do I turn to without consulting a lawyer that would probably bleed me dry for errors that are not mine in the first place.

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  1. Not 100% sure mate have you tried the forums? dead beat
    dad’s and the like? I would try there first but if you have any
    luck then let me know because I am desperate to get mine sorted
    ASAP before I am forced to quit my jon (which is looking like next
    month).. Good luck

  2. Lucio. I am in a similar position to you, in that I have been the victim of CSA incompetence and maladministration for 11 years. I am seeking specialist advice to get my case heard in the European court of Human rights. I am trying to by-pass the UK courts as they are inherently corrupt, and I have proof of this.

    With regard to your case, an initial step would be to write to CSA complaints, but at the same time contact the Idependent Case Examiners Office and lodge your complaint with them. I would also make a face to face appointment with your M.P., ask your M.P. to refer your complaints to the Parliamentary and health service ombudsman. However, a word of warning. The CSA, the ICE, your M.P. and the PHSO are all in this corrupt game together. They will ALL tell you one thing to your face anf the ‘back stab’ you.

    Write to the European Court of Human rights in Strasbourg postage £1.30 and inform them that your human rights are being infringed and broken by the CSA, as you have a right to a private family life and politicians and civil srvants are transgressing your rights. Ask for your case to be heard there, and either represent yourself or appoint legal people on a no win no fee basis. Its’ worth a try.

  3. john please explain more how human rights have been infringed during the CSa process….

  4. The sad truth is no one can help , the DWP ( Department for Work and Pensions ) are in charge of the CSA , the DWP have always turned a blind eye to what the CSA do , people have committed suicide as a direct result of action taken by the CSA which means the CSA and the DWP are guilty of " MANSLAUGHTER " , thee only way the close the CSA down is to demonstrate but 99.9% of the victims of the CSA are either to scared or just cant be bothered 🙁

  5. We have no power. Look at poor students protesting against the increase in tuition fees! Nothing happened. Young people will have to pay a minimum of 6,000pounds per academic year! The power is in the government's hands.

  6. Only because you allow them to have it !Remember the Poll Tax riots ?Fight hard enough and justice WILL prevail !!!!!

  7. If you think protesting dont work remember the " POLL TAX " demos …. we just need the numbers ! !

  8. Article 8 of the Human rights act refers to the right to a private family life without intererference from political and other sources who may interfere.(See internet-download forms) There are some provisos’ regarding the rule of law.

    However, just to get a case to Strasbourg on the basis of article 8 and be heard would lead to a further examination of UK statutes regarding maintenance and procedural administration. i.e. the imposition of DEO’s and the granting of liability orders.

    In my case I have no chance whatsoever of receiving a fair hearing because I have all ready experienced corrupt CSA practices in court and long standing and prolonged maladministration.

    Therefore, using article 8 as a spring board, I am attempting to have my full case heard as it is within the legal parameters of ECHR rulings and I am without question having my right to a private family life interfered with because of oppressive regulation and severe maladminstration from the UK government.

    I have the evidence and I have permission from the EHRC to put my case. I am currently in dialogoue with a legal team, putting a case together and it will be submitted by February.

    I am not taking any more from these people!

  9. My MP wrote to Ian Duncan-Smith and all his office did was pass it right back to the CSA…. NO ONE CAN HELP. Im beginning to think direct drastic action is needed.I think Ive been watching too much 'Law abiding citizen'

  10. The problem is, that there are far too many groups/individuals protesting about the evil department that its far to easy to ignore them.All its going to take is coordinated action,As said look at the Poll Tax demos. They worked, so its possible for us to have our day too.

  11. John Hanlon's report from the ICE was a joke, Ive asked him for 2 years now to explain his figures, he wont / cant answer the question.Its a farce, no one wants to help us.

  12. I think you will find that your case will go no where.
    Article 8 has nothing to do with what you are suggesting and your
    legal team should have told you this.

  13. Disagree. The European courts have all ready given me permission to take my case there. It has everything to do with article 8!

  14. Got the lesbiens on my case big time, we know they are anti men. I agree that some payment should be made but assesing payment one 3 months payment and what with everything going up more than wages, WRONG. We all ought to get together and and fight the system, instead of writing about it and expecting someone else to do it for us. I’ve tried all the ways legally and had no joy, they seem to be untouchable and a law to themselves.

  15. The system has gone crazy, im not paying arrears but the ammount im left after the csa, means i am on the verge of leaving my job as i cant afford to get there anymore, let alone see my children! Do the csa care, not an ounce. they cant seem to see that they are slowly destoying me, and soon they will get nothing as i will be penniless! We all need to do something, and stop this madness!

  16. Im in !! Yes I am a women PWC but i still get fooked up the you know what by them.. so much so one case worker decided to tell my ex I wanted him investigated for benefit fruad.. the CSA had my ex investigated for benefit fraud and I had NOTHING to do with it.. surely that is against my human rights.

    I hate them and I am prepaid to stand in protest against them.. who is in????

    let start a page up for this and get it going.. noone is happy with the CSA and if anyone has noticed protests can get LEADERS out of countries.. the CSA still kill people and leave people starving.. time for it to stop..

  17. Any progress with the European Courts – would love to know as I am also fed up with the CSA running my life !

  18. HI, Ive just joined the site and cant resist letting you know my story so far. My wife took my two daughters one hundred miles away to live near her parents. I have been paying maintenance for the last 9 years and see my girls for 2 nights every other weekend 2 weeks in summer and one week over christmas. I lost half of my work about 5 months ago so started slipping in payments. You all know what happened next!! I am now only legally liable for one of my daughters so they have started taking money for her out of my wages. I have tried to explain that I am already on a minus each month which is why I was struggling to pay in the first place. Also because of the distance that my ex has put between us it costs me £140.00 approx per month for travelling. I asked for unreasonable travelling costs to be taken into account which they refused. This means that I can no longer afford to see my daughters which frankly is ripping me apart and for the first time in nearly 30 years of working I will be forced to give up working so that I dont lose my rented property. How can this be right? I am close to a break down and cant see any way out. Meanwhile my ex is sitting pretty in a house one hundred miles away she brought from the proceeds of our family home I let her keep for the sake of our children.I have never refused to make payment just to reduce it until my work started coming back in and I could keep my head above water but she wasnt prepared to do this. Any way I know i have gone on a bit but I needed to get it off my chest, so thanks for reading.

  19. After a quick read through of this page, can somebody tell me or give me links to sites that can give some useful info to fight the CSA?
    What site did you join John?
    My story, I was “assessed” when i was still serving in the army, the CSA decided that my payments would be X amount going on my army salary, they refused point blank to change my “assessment” after i left, and low and behold, dont have any records of any payments i made through attachment whilst still in the forces. My youngest child came of age two years ago to stop any regular maintenance payments, so all I have owed for the last two years is arrears, which by court judgement is £10 a week.
    Committal hearing judged regular maintenance plus £10 to arrears.
    They didnt bother to tell me that from that date, all I had to pay was the £10, and as such i have struggled to keep up with what i thought was the due amount.
    so for the last 2 years i have begged and borrowed to stick to what in my mind was what i had to pay.
    I then got a letter telling me that they were looking at committal as i had failed to keep up with my payment of “£10”.
    Had i have known i only had to pay that, as said, i wouldnt have broken the bank to try and pay what I thought.
    So now, i have overpaid them by almost £3k in the last 14 months, but they still sent me the letter threatening the committal.
    Despite me having a letter from an age ago, telling me i now have to pay, and wait for this, “£0” a week, a bit of a clerical error on their part, I still got this letter about committal.
    Called them, and was told, I should have had a letter stating I only had to pay the £10.
    Funny how they say you should when it matters isnt it?
    Any links or pointers, much appreciated.

  20. Hi All,

    My Friend has a problem and he’s close to a breakdown over this. I’m just trying to help but don’t know where to start.

    He’s in court in 10 days time and is worried about being sent to jail. (in fact hes convinced he will be sent to prison). The problem appears that he has four outstanding claims against him albeit he’s not seen his daughter since she was 1, she’s now 12. He has always been denied access but the CSA have lodged four claims against him. Apparently there monetary claim has been calculated on the turnover of his public house business and not his profit margin. His pub was repossessed three years ago and since this time he’s been unemployed.

    Basically my friend has no money to fight the CSA and I believe he cannot get legal aid to assist. Is this the case or is there any body which will fight his case. He says he can get legal advice on the day but obviously he needs to prepare a case to prevent jail.

    Im afraid my friend appears to have buried his head and im worried for him.

    Can anybody point me in any direction for help. Thanks, Matthew

  21. Hy everyone
    I just found this site and it makes for a very interesting read. I have just been assessed a month ago and was informed I had to pay £40.56 a week. Not unreasonable. This morning I had a letter from these cretins telling me I now have to pay £484 for one month then £455 for the next 12 months. My protected income is £792 and my take home pay is £1140. £792 and £455 = £1247. Perhaps the useless arseholes cant add up, and thats after being assessed!! This CSA shit hole needs closing down and fast – how many lives have they ruined and how many more will they destroy? Right – if you people are serious about lighting the fuse under these wankers, we need to start from the bottom and get as much information on who can offer us advice, (freely) about the best course of action. If we are going to be deadly serious and not give up at the first hurdle, then maybe we can start getting attention. With enough support the first step will be to go to the daily newspapers – what a better way to make them sit up and take notice. Keep banging the drum, then take it to the next level. If you want to email me with your positive ideas, fine. My email address is: [email protected]
    Remember people, I need your help – I cant do this on my own.
    Cheers everyone.

  22. I have very little disposable monthly income and have been paying my estranged wife £300 per month. My salary is now variable by some £300 to £500 per month, for the last year so sometimes I have no disposable income at all but I still pay her £220 to £240 per month even though I have to stop direct debits to do this. I have worked out my amount payable according to the CSA handbook, recently recieved because my estranged wife needs more money, as £538 per month. This is a recipe for disaster for me. I have yet to be assessed properly but it does not look good. There is no section for my outgoings. My rent and bills are not considered. I feel utterly uselesss and feel like giving up. ANY ADVICE?

  23. Hi everyone,
    Reading the comments on this site I feel genuinely sorry for all of you. I have my kids 50% of the time and yet still pay because the ex is in receipt of child benefit. I understand I can counter claim – any suggestions


  24. Think all this is absolute sh.. and the agency clearly breaches the human rights of (mainly) us dads.
    The CSA shouldn’t be collecting Fu.. all as far as I am concerned the assessment process is problematic to say the least Immoral and probably nearer illegal and is in no way an assessment by its very nature. Thoroughly agree with Mike that the only way to deal with this is collectively; small victories should contribute to the war that is required to take on this parasitical agency who do all they can to destroy families. They state that this is for the good of the children but in the many cases I have read relationships are destroyed. We blame ex wifes who have gone to an agency who state that they would rather support amicable agreements but then who offer ridiculous amounts from NRPs many of whome are in contact and contributing what they can… only to wreck what is already had. It needs to be proven only that the assessments ant and goals and targets of the agency promote in-equality and discrimination for us to have a chance of challenging this monster and for me the way forward is ll fighting (financially and legally) for a common goal. The basis for this is to set up a team, which needs to be underpinned by a qualified barrister who is not afraid to take on the very system that pays for his existence. In the name of JUSTICE….. someone has to and I would like to start the ball rolling with others who WANT to pay for there children but want a FAIR amount and ASSESSMENT. We all need to get our heads together.

  25. ive just recieved a letterfrom the csa calculating what i earn , with no evidence to what i actually earn. I have ben providing for my children, pay for a car to transport them to and from school and whatever else the car is used at a cost of £60 a week alone..and now they are demanding unreasonable amounts of cash from me which basically is going to ruin me financially…surely they cannot be allowed to plunge you into the poverty bracket..i have rang them and basically they dont want to know…all they want is the money and sod everthing else even if it means putting you out on the street…its a total disgrace and to me seems totally illegal..they should calculate your ingoings and outgoings first and then calculate a suitable payment figure which is affordable..we want to support our kids but we can only give what we have ..we cant create it out of thin air..i am really frustrated by it all!!!!

  26. I have had the CSA trying to bleed me dry. I have had three letter this week alone, all with different amounts. I haven’t seen my children for coming up three years as my ex has stopped access for no reason at all. I am currently going through solicitors and having to pay out for that and £643 for the first month and the £673 a month in maintenance. They worked out this out on my arrears, which due to their incompetence has left me In this situation. They don’t listen, don’t care and to be honest heartless. I tried to talk to them and all I had was well by law we have too. I have bills to pay and paying this is going to leave me out on the streets as I can’t get to work and will be missing bills and will put me more in debt. They need closing down or take your out goings into account and to top it off my ex gets £2500 a month in benefits and also has a compensation claim worth £20000 THIS ISNT FAIR AND SHE LIVES A LIFE OF LUXURY AND I AM LIVING BELOW THE BREAD LINE.

  27. Hi all, the csa are doing the same thing to us all. Demanding money, checking our bank account and deducting money from our salary. The csa are an agencie so in other words they are a business, to owe a business money you have to have a signed contract, Ie no signed contract no business…. I haven’t signed a contract with them so I have no business with them and they have no business with me. As for them snooping at bank accounts we now go back to the Magna Carta dated 1215 which has been in force for 800 years. Each human being has the right to remain private, their life is to remain private and their home, land and all Corispondance are private, no one can look at these without the persons permission. Our courts are to uphold the in this country and they are not. The only time our private lives can be searched are if we are suspected of terroism, and crimes against our country.

  28. I had a accident 2 yrs ago I have only talked to my lawyer one time , when I went to discuss my accident , He never informed of the amount that I would be receiving. I made many attempts to reach him , I did not receive call backs I would always get his secretary but she did not give me information , He finally called me back last week telling me that , I would be receiving 14 thousand that was after my medical bills were paid , Then I get another call from him saying that I owed back child support and that my ex will be getting the whole settlement . I understand that part , Was my lawyer supposed to ask me how much I wanted to sue for and was he supposed to show me all the medical bills ? The main question is am I supposed sign something agreeing to the amount or can he just send that amount to my ex ? Ii seems like he the lawyer already has a check ready to send to my ex , please help me understand .. Thank you

  29. I was owed £18,000 by my ex in 1985 he was self employed architect, his wife worked in the bank – he never payed me a penny for three children over eighteen years. I contacted umbudsman , MP and got nowhere. Then they were going to arrest him, so I sent photos, no he disappeared they lost him. Finally they found him after fifteen years and he had become an alcoholic, gave him sheltered housing.
    In 2015 the police caught up with him as he was accused of online child porn ring they had a sound case in the courts , at sixty he committed suicide at the end of the year and victims were paid out by the state.
    I never got my money from the CSA they failed my family , can I take the CSA to court ?

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