What is the minimum that should be provided for an overnight stay?

September 16, 2014

What does an overnight stay include? My girls go to there dads but he doesnt feed them there or do any washing.

They dont even have any bedding on there beds.

Please help.


  • Claire Winton says:

    He has a duty as their father to provide a home from home kind of environment that includes adequate sleeping, warmth, cleanliness and food….. Clothes and their washing isn’t a must as long as you are providing him with them for your children. As a father he SHOULDbe eensuring that when they are in his care that they are being fed properly, hygiene is kept and wknd living conditions are met. If he is failing to do so then you need to address this and if the matter is not resolved then seek further action as he is then failing to meet the needs of his children when in his care!!!

  • Roy Jones says:

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