What is the difference between protected income and protected earnings?

May 13, 2013

Right what is the difference between protected income, and protected earnings? I am baffled and the CSA didn’t help matters either. Ok so here’s the deal I have a verbal agreement with my ex to which she sees as fair, and I’m happy to go along with. Now while I’m away working I get a letter from the CSA asking for cash I call them up and say hey I have a private agreement. They say oh do you yes I do, oh we have to speak to your ex wife then ok. I call her and say what’s the big idea she says sorry ill call them and tell them to stop.

A few months go by I’m working away again I get another letter so I do the same, hen I hear nothing then boom I get home for Christmas and there’s a wages DEO waiting for me arrears etc, I’m like excuse me I have a verbal agreement with the ex, they say have you got anything in writing? I said no its a VERBAL agreement backed up with bank statements oh we need to ask her about it, she admits I was paying her money, she was trying to get money out of both parties. Now the CSA have buggered up my protected earnings, and it’s now dropped, from what it was to a very low sum, the DEO was stopped as cause I was not earning above my DEO my work couldn’t make payment now I’m in more arrears. Grrrr. Now I don’t know what’s happening. GRRR. Help. They talk about protected earnings and protected income. I am baffled.


  • Sally says:

    And again, we have a greedy PWC wanting more and more money and yet again the CSA are doing all they can to get it….. regardless of the TRUTH AND FACTS!!!

    It is terrible Dominic and the worst part is that while you (and thousands and thousands of NRP’s like you) are fighting to keep your head above water and prove you are supporting your child… the CSA and your ex are allowed to continue as before… your ex’s should be penilised and forced to pay back any money YOU have lost because of her greed and the CSA should be giving you a letter of apology AND money as a gesture of good will for the way they have treated you!!!

    But pink elephants will fly by your windown before either of those things happens…..

    good luck!!

  • Carrie says:

    Like Sally says there is little concern for the rights of the children who live with you ..they seem to be resurrecting old cases ..they will try to get more out of those that pay & have jobs because they are easier than the nrp’s who wont pay anything.They ignored our private agreement totally …been fighting for a year & just meet with indifference tour situation ..where is the support for our child ! Hope you have more luck with them than we have …..

  • Lisa says:

    Apparently these cases are the result of there cock ups from years ago and now the general public who thought there cases with CSA had finished are now seeing years worth of arrears that are being sent in demands for money thats actually already been paid, the CSA dont care diddly squat for the kids, they work towards targets and staff bonuses, if you need any help please join our group, plenty of people on hand for advice

  • wilf says:

    Dominic:- On CS1, cases started before 2003, protected income is used in the assessment to determine an affordable amount.
    Protected income consists of a personal allowance, allowances for partner and children in the household, housing costs and council tax.
    It is taken away from the household net income to give a figure for the affordable amount.
    Protected earnings is the minimum you should be left with after deductions are made.
    On CS1 this normally your exempt income in the assessment.

  • Macon says:


    I think you do work for the dark side “CSA” when you phone the csa and ask them to explain the CSA 1 rules they have to get a specialist in !

  • wilf says:

    All information for the way the old system assessment is worked out is in the booklet CSA2024, ” Your child maintenance assessment and help in meeting exceptional circumstances”.
    It is available on line to download.

  • Macon says:

    Pitty the CSA staff don’t have these booklets mabe these sites would have no use if the had them and followed them !

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