What happens if the father refuses to acknowledge the child?

June 22, 2015

I have a 8 month daughter who’s father denies is his and refuses to be part of her life.

I was just wondering if i could still get csa from him for her?


  • Lisa says:

    He obviously doesn’t want to be a father to her why would you chase him for money? Leave the poor bloke alone, yet another bloody woman having kids for money

  • Gonk says:

    @ Angela cox
    Better perhaps to get hit with arrears than to not get a DNA test and find out potential after years of paying that he is not the biological father. And an uphill battle trying to get his money back from the bastards.
    To the author..maybe he denies its his because he has good reason to? And so why would he give you any money….I wouldn’t. For is own good, I’d get a DNA test and prove one way or the other. If you are one of these greedy mares that just use the kids as cash cows? Then you will try screwing him anyway. Make a claim, the csa will believe the mother whatever she says even if the child is a different colour to the father you are claiming against lol. Maybe tho, he will be forced to do a DNA test then, if only to stop you in your greedy tracks.
    All that said, if he IS the father? Then he should contribute towards the kids upkeep BUT for his own sake and sanity and if you don’t wish to drive him well away ? KEEP THE CSA OUT OF THE PIC and come to a private arrangement, you will both end hating each other as well as the csa vultures.

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