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What are the CSA guidelines?

Can i ask from a moral point of view is the CSA guideline a minimum to give as an allowance , or a recommended level. We are fighting over the fact that my ex partner does not believe that £650 a month is enough to fund my 12 year old daughter in London .. how many people pay above the guidelines?

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  1. CSA calculate the basic amount required by law based on your income, if you are a basic rate taxpayer (earning up to 42k) you will pay 15% of your wage after deductions. Your own essential bills like rent, council tax and gas and electricity are not seen by CSA as a priority and this alone has pushed many into poverty and out of their homes and jobs.

    Your payment alone for 1 child does seem high, i can assume you are a higher rate tax payer or you have arrears on the account?

    Is your ex paying school fees – is that why she is saying shes struggling?

    From a moral point view, i think most people would agree you are paying a fair whack, but its totally up to yourself what you pay to your ex over and beyond what the CSA command you pay. She cant make you pay more its totally up to you as you are already meeting the amount the government has said you have to pay.

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