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What an absolute nightmare!

Hi, i just want to say what an absolute nightmare the csa have been,which has almost resulted in the break up of my marriage.

I work part time working only 10 hours a week, school times only,this means that 13 weeks of the year i don’t get any pay due to school closure’s. the csa have told me that i have to pay 15 pounds a week including arrears out of 80 pounds a week wage,which i have no problem paying, but what the csa has been doing for the last 4 years is taking extra money from my low wage without any warning ie because i had’nt worked for two weeks due to a school holiday they would therefore take the extra 30 pounds from my wage which would total 45 pounds out of my 80 leaving just 35 pounds.

My argument is that if i don’t get any wage coming in or claim any benefits for the 13 weeks of the year, then should i be paying anything at all as its classed as 0 earnings,but what they say goes.

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