Wealthy ex determined to make me bankrupt through CSA

May 16, 2018

My ex earns four times more than me now £60k after my financial downfall and I earn £19k to live.

I’ve paid a private agreement for 8 years. I paid originally 4 times the amount but I don’t earn that salary now! She remarried to a wealthy husband but now she wants to crucify me through the child agency which I can’t affor. It’s for dam ski trips etc which I don’t have a say in. I want my children to enjoy but my ex seems adamant to make me bankrupt or give up work which I don’t want to do.


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  1. David Joseph on May 18th, 2018 3:49 pm

    Hi James

    If you want help or representation in dealing with the CSA/CMS, please drop me a line at [email protected]


  2. Chris Forrester on March 26th, 2019 5:18 pm

    After 12 years of marriage 3 children my ex becomes a lesbian. I leave house for her and children to live, she moves in with lesbian she has been carrying on with. Starts renting out our 4 bedroom house tricks me into letting her remove my name from deeds has not declared rent approx £1700 per month for 10 years plus.

    I have to get a court order to see my kids and she still refuses me access. The only way to enforce is to go back to court costing me more money. They money I have wasted trying to see my kids is £15k plus. I have had to take her to court to get a settlement out of our fmh. Till I did this we had our own maintenance arrangements without any discussion she set
    CMS on to me a year on they couldn’t get
    the payments correct my new partner had to inform them I shouldn’t be paying for my eldest and tell them they have not taken my pension into consideration. I asked for a TELEPHONE call back and they write a letter. Now they have a DEO set up can’t tell me what date this will start. For there incompetence I am now being charged £300 for the pleasure. When not one letter I have received says the same figure. All I want to do is pay correct amount. They have now sent this years figures failing to take my pension into account. They then try to blame me for not sending them the statement I tell them I did the woman says she will check and owe what a surprise I did. So please tell me why I should be paying charges. I should be charging them for all my help doing there job.

    If anyone knows how to get DEO reversed please before I give up work.


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