We need to take action against the CSA – email me

May 23, 2013

Due to the amount that the CSA would take I cannot afford to work creating poverty for my second family and also my son I am a NRP. The government has up-dated the CSA (1991) for their own and taken jurisdiction away from courts unless you are very rich… Coupled with this legal aid has been abolished so no-one can fight the injustice. Whilst i speak from a NRP perspective I do not blame PWCs but the agency who are the only ones making out of this…If you were toldthat you were owed x through CSA assessment amount would you take it. If you were told that your ex will become homeless not be able to work, can not afford gas and electricity or in fact to have his/her basic needs met you would have to be a vindictive Ar** to take it….. Does the agency inorm PWCs of the assessment process the law states it should.

The time has come to get ACTIVE… sitting around venting to a computer is NOT going to get things changed. The same effort could go into getting 100,000 signatures on petition and all marching to take it to parliament. We need to stand together to afford to take this to court (or at least be represented). This issue is countrywide and is the perfect divide and conquer from the CSA. We need to regionalise it nd hold monthly groups, I have idea’s nothing new, we are missing out on those that could sign a petition that know nothing of the plight of second family poverty but would be abhorred by the way this government treats its citizens…… Please come aboard the only cost is effort e-mail me [email protected] I can’t do it alone together we can beat this injustice.


  • Sally says:

    @ Eddie – have a look at this website – I found it very useful….

    have a look at the “case dismissed” story…. NACSA have assisted people taking the CSA to court and may be of help to you…


  • Clare says:

    I agree. I am currently in contact with my MP regarding the injustice of child support being taken into account for earingsof nrp. We are currently waiting for a response from the Director General at the department for work and pensions.

    I also signing this e-petion at http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/41493 at the govenment website.

  • Clare says:

    And I would march to take it parliment with you…

  • eddie says:

    Hi Clare will gldly sign the petition though I really think that a hand written one delivered en-mass would hold more impact… I know that we all need to fight our individual cases but the evidence that comes out of these and the processes used in cSA challenges need to be shared…. the agency is to big for individual challenges and the only way this will end is if we all stand together…

  • eddie says:

    Hi Claire e-mail me if you’re interested…

  • eddie says:

    girlyglam you must be able to take them to court……We just need to find the reason

  • Iruler08 says:

    Its good to see others who want to take direct action. I’m a so called “NRP” who is fighting the CSA in court, don’t believe the hype the CSA spin and if you are interested in a court case that will expose this incompetent and deceptive agency the Regina v Egonu on the 24th -29th should be interesting @ Plymouth Crown Court. The CSA don’t like the fact that I’m fighting them head-on so they try and fabricate charges. If you ever wanted a dad who is there and fights for you then that’s me, they don’t like it!! Be there or be square!! Up to you but unless people on this and other sites make a direct stand the government will continue to abuse the common man/woman. Sign the petition in the thread above and contact Eddie. FIGHT THE POWERS THAT BE!!

  • eddie says:

    Thanks for that I-ruler 08…. We must all remember that we are not alone….. E-mail me so as you can up-date me on how your gonna do are doing in court…. I would love to be there its not time that stops me but money as it is with all of us……

  • Davie B says:

    I tried e mailing programmes like This Morning asking with this agency are no longer in the spotlight, especially with all the suicides etcc. I got a reply but it was very wishy washy. We do ALL need to come together en masse (somehow) and tackle this Agency.

  • eddie says:

    hi Davie b e-mail me…… hope all is well


  • Andrew Phillips says:

    I’ve been fighting the injustice of the CSA for years. I’ve had to put up with the mediocrity of the service they provide as a supposedly impartial body working on behalf of both RP’s and NRP’s.

    I’m at a stage now where I just feel like giving up, no matter which way I turn, the CSA seem to come up with another piece of jurisdiction which just so happens to support what they are saying.

    The interesting thing being that there seems to be conflicting advice given out by the ‘Advisors’. In the long run, it’s pretty obvious that the system is geared up against the NRP and that is the way it is.

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