Unreasonable ex wife

March 29, 2012

I have been divorced from my daughters mother for 9 years, and have always paid my way for my daughter`s upkeep. She lives 100 miles away from me but ive always made sure when she visits in school holidays she goes home with a full wardrobe of clothes etc.

In July 2011 Her mother informed me she could not cope anymore and my daughter came to live with me for 6 months, during this time i never received a penny in support from ex wife and she even kept the first 2 months child support money.

When my daughter decided to move back in with her mother Christmas 2011, i decided that i would go back to the old arrangement, but only in around april 2012 so i could claw back the money she owed. This has resulted in my ex getting the CSA involved last week. I am devastated, the 15 or so % these people take is going to cripple me financially and even though i`ve pleaded with my Ex and the CSA it seems to fall on deaf ears I`ve never known such uncaring people.

With all my outgoings mortgage, loan,utility bills etc. i`m barely going to be able to feed myself, let alone visit my daughter or buy her presents! All this inspite of working 2 jobs.

Please help!


  • jay. says:

    Is there an ongoing case with the csa? Do you owe arrears? If you had an arrangement, is there proof of this? If so copy any of this in a complaint letter to the csa and send a copy to your mp if you think you are being unfairly assessed. Don’t take no shit from the csa or your ex, complain and fight back.

  • Terry norris says:

    Sadly you remind me of soooo many cases I read on here…greedy ex’s and a fucking csa who don’t give a shit and they will not ever budge on any plee you make with them..you see the csa don’t care about you having nothing to live on so long as it rapes you of as much cash as it can…and the greedy bitch mothers who know the system is on there side despite the packs of lies some of the mothers use. The csa believe and take everything they say as the truth.i don’t know how many times I read about the mother who who claims the father hasn’t paid a penny in x amount of yrs when he has always paid on time via private arrangment ,but because the mother says he has not,that’s enough for the csa to fuck you over and with arrears.it seems you can’t even show them prove of previous payments.they don’t won’t to know

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