Two CSA letters on same day requesting different amounts!

May 13, 2012

My partner was paying for both his daughters (cash direct to ex) until she became greedy so he contacted CSA and set up payment scheme which worked well. His elder daughter moved in with him (he continued with payments (for both kids) for around 6 months before it was changed. This money wasn’t repaid.

He then lost his job and took work with an agency he advised CSA of this and they wanted him to call every week with his pay details (premium number!) he did this for few weeks then was told they would contact him.

They allowed him to run arrears of £1900 only contacted him last month, wanted the whole lot!. But an adviser called him and said “don’t worry about that” just to set up new payment scheme which would take into account my son living with us (which we were never told we could claim for previously) she also advised him to counter claim for CSA for his older daughter.

Within the space of a week they had been in touch with his employer sent a letter with new payments of £37 per week, however the next week he got 2 letters sent the same day saying he had to pay £0 and the other said pay £54! He is paid monthly so how do they get these figures?

Next week he gets call from an extremely cheeky and arrogant CSA advisor asking for £1900 arrears to be paid (that day!) when he advised that he was unable to financially but offered to pay £5 per week towards debt and tried to tell her that following split he had been left with lots of marital debt and had to declare himself bankrupt and as such was still paying this – to which he was told “thats not my problem” “we know what you earn” they weren’t interested in his outgoings or the fact that he still has his daughter who is now going to university – we literally have no spare cash at end of month after the CSA payment never mind the arrears.

All the while his ex has new partner, new baby, keeps a horse, runs a car and has fully furnished her new home and neither her or her partner work. How is it fair that we both work but cannot provide for his elder daughter and my son (its not their fault they are bein penalised). All he was asking was some understanding to the situation he is in at present.


  • colin says:

    Welcome to the CSA. Plummet more children into poverty than they help. Their next step will be a deduction of earnings order whereby they will deduct 40 per cent of your partners wage. They will do this regardless if you can afford it or not and there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it. I’m there now. Paying 750 pounds per month being taken which means I cannot meet my rent payments thus me and my current family face eviction. When I called to try and sort something out I was told ” we have a court order and will continue to take the money” he sounded very smug about this fact. He went on to suggest I move out my house and live somewhere else so that my family can claim benefits and keep the house! Absolute monsters! Try and come up with a private arrangement and if you get that, keep meticulous records and proof of payment. Good luck.

  • chall says:


    Did your OH’s case with the agency commence before or after 03/03/03?

    How old was his eldest daughter when she moved in and did she still qualify for child support payments?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • KMcQ80 says:


    DON’T phone the CSA.
    Work out which amount you should pay and pay it.

    Never deal with the CSA by phone, only in writing and keep copies of all letters in date order.

  • H says:

    Yes he contacted CSA in 2009. His eldest daughter came to stay with him in 2010 after she turned 16, but she was/still is in full-time education, so does qualify for payments.

  • Sally says:

    I have read a lot of these forums as I am living with a NRP who’s ex has done nothing but cause trouble and upset because she feels that she is, in some way, entitled to more money for HER children because of MY income!?!?

    My partner paid an agreed amount (that the CSA calculation suggested) for 3 years without complaint and has continued to do so even though she has lied to the CSA and reduced the amount of ‘overnight’ stays with the kids (to prove a point, to get more money) and then complains that he doesn’t see the kids enough. The kids are hurt that they don’t see their dad as much as they used to and can’t understand why we don’t give their mum more money!!

    This has only happened since I have come into his life and I know she would leave us alone if I gave her the money that she wanted, but to my mind, the kids are not mine!!! It is her and my partners responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of their children… not mine!! It really disgusts me that she would expect another woman to pay for her children!?!

    I have, and will continue to treat them to holidays abroad every second year…. but the appauling behaviour from the mother has left me wondering if the relationship is actually worth it and my partner has done nothing wrong but tried to find happiness…… this particular case is not about the wellbeing of the kids, its about a greedy mother who is manipulating everyone around her (including the CSA) to get more money….

    I think it would be a good idea to ask the mothers to produce receipts each month for the money they spend on the kids, that way the fathers would be able to see where the money is going…. this particular mother can afford to go on holiday with her friends (when we are taking the kids away with us) yet says she can’t afford to send one of the kids on a school trip!?!

    Rant over…..

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