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Trying to get money back from the CSA

I am fighting the csa to get overpaid monies back I have been waiting since may for my money back as they told me my ex was no longer entitaled as he was not entitaled to child benefit any more (his claim is fraud).

I have at least over paid by £900 and they keep on about areas which was sorted last november. I had a letter telling me this. I have made many call and have written a letter of complaint and also a complaint over the phone. I want to know how long before it is sorted and who is getting the interest I should be getting.

Over the last 15 years they never got much money out of my ex his areas to me was over £3000 which because of the csa’s mistakes were written off against mine after lots of theats from them to lock me up,take away my driving liecence, all this one year three weeks before christmas because I was £600 in areas which I did not know about.


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