Trapped into being a father after one night stand

April 12, 2011

Hi now before i go into this i do not wanted to be slated by anyone. I had a one night stand with a girl who said she was on the pill it turns out she conveniently forgot to take it (Told me in the morning) and went to take the morning after pill that day.

I get a phone call some weeks later saying she was pregnant and that it was mine. that said and done the child is mine and im not arguing the case. now im not disputing the pill is only 99.9999 percent affective (always a good argument in this case) but if she forgot to take just for 24 hours and then took the morning after pill straight away (which she said she did) then surely she wouldn’t get pregnant?

Either way i personally think she lied. and i have emails to say what had happened from her point of view. now if i could prove she was lying and “trapped” me would the CSA take a different look at her? like i said im not arguing the fact the child is mine and he will get everything he can possibly wish for, however i dont like the fact that some militant barks orders at me from the phone making me feel like im in the wrong.

Can anyone help?


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  1. karl garrett on April 12th, 2011 8:47 am

    Nope, all the women will say you should have put one on!!. Tip to oneself…avoid women completely.

    Whether she trapped you or not the CSA don’t give a sh**. they will devoid you of all finances and leave you for dead.

    Trawl this website for further information, but be aware, that if they have you in their radar, then your days of “lifestyle” are limited…..

    leave the country now, or go self employed!!!., then you can dictate how much you support, without being raped.

    Like you I will gladly & willing support my children, but I cannot afford to be raped….

    Good luck..

  2. martin dell on April 12th, 2011 11:41 pm

    cover basics dude
    get a dna test to be sure
    record the csa fone calls at all time request you want it in writing avoid talking to them on the fone they can deny everthing and you will have no proof in court.
    when you tell them you want it in writng email them everyday until they respond and print out all emails
    if they go for a deo quit your job
    sign all assets to some you trust

    these csa rapists will lie ,threaten you ,bully you into things which are not law
    start learning your rights this is the only way you can beat them at there own game ,
    i have been there and still doing it ,never back down demand everything.

    anything you send send recorded derlivery

    if deo goes on your wage write to a family court and state your case to have it removed finacial hardship ,no proof your the father ,ur not on the birth certifacte ,

    .once you have got dna test and you find it not yours take her to court with all evdence

    death to the csa child abusers

  3. Michelle on June 21st, 2011 1:35 pm

    I think men should never believe a woman who says she’s on the should say well lets use a condom anyway, if she says no and insists she’ on the pill then SHE’S LYING TO GET WHAT SHE WANTS. Men should not be made to pay for a child they didn’t know thay were making. If a woman intentianally lies about being on the pill and has sex to get pregnant, she should be made to pay for eveythin it was HER choice to get pregnant NOT the mans, i dont believe a man should be forced to pay for a SELFISH WOMAN!!!!!!!!!

  4. emma on April 9th, 2013 12:04 am

    Kindly I will say that only abstinence is 100% safe against pregnancy, every other form of birth control there is a risk of pregnancy, however small. I want to point out that people, in general, should not be so trusting of others, just because someone ‘say’s’ they took the pill does not mean they actually did. As a man, you should be protecting yourself, especially in shady One night stand circumstances.

    As far as supporting the child, that is something that you should have considered prior to trusting someone you didn’t know well and were not in a committed relationship with. It is not the child’s fault that their mother chose to lie to you, and that child is yours genetically speaking and you should be responsible for caring for that child if dna evidence proves you to be the father.

    And lastly I speak this all as the product of a one night stand. In my situation, however, the biological father was never found, whether my mother lied about who he was or just didn’t remember his real name I will never know. I can tell you as a child of all this, I never chose this and I suffered for my parents carelessness, and of course learned from their mistakes as I value sex as something that should be done in a committed relationship.

    A half hour of pleasure has consequences that will trickle down for years, and generations. I hope that you try to be in your child’s life and value that time, you have rights and while it may seem like a burden, children are really a blessing, they are your legacy you leave behind once you are gone. They will grow and learn from what you model, be responsible, many children were ‘accidents’ or surprises, that does not make them any less human or less deserving of having a stable life that you may be able to help provide.

    I know this is an old thread, but I hope you are doing well with your situation.



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