There’s too many people messing with my case but nobody is accountable

July 7, 2013

hi due to the csa misadministration of my case it left me in arrears to the sum of £15000. With help from our local mp, we fought to get my payments reduced and agreed to pay arrears of £40 a month plus the maitanince wich totalled £131 monthly.

Now the case has been closed and now they are planning to take £320 month out of my wages i only earn £800 a month theres no way i can live off £460 a month they are giving me all the usual bull like its the law that it has to be paid back in two years with no regard to previous arrangements.

I can never get hold of my case worker and the person who made the original agreement seems to be no longer there there seem to be too many people messing with my case but noone accountable please help


  • derek miller says:

    you need to contact your MP again, Do you have the correspondence stating they will only take £131? if you don’t, request your data prints and go from there

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