Their mistake caused so many arguments but still no apology

September 30, 2013

apparently i owed my EX £2570!!! i complained and it turns out he ows me £252.00. all the arguments they caused and not even an apology.

they said i was entitled to £40 a month for 5 years to pay it back hahaha jokers, u bring a kid up on that and see where it gets them, school meals are £10 a week then fruit is £1 that means the child is in an over draft alread dick heads!!!


  • Someone says:

    The CSA didn’t cause any arguments, you and your ex-partner did by not being civil and grown up enough to deal with things yourself.

    Take responsibility for your actions

  • CSA warrior says:

    ok lets have a starting point. its £40 on top of what else you get. seriously there are people who get nothing. I have seen this organisation on both sides. try this X has a 12year old boy who has never seen his dad she has in that time got £100 in ten years. so can u explain your complaint ????

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