The system allows my son’s mother to constantly humiliate and bully me

June 29, 2013

The csa, are putting a tremendous strain on my and my sons relationship because of a system which allows his mother to constantly humiliate and bully me by using the almost daily threat of contacting the csa, if I dont do what she says even though I share the care of my son I still feel like,a criminal for being a father.

I have played a major role in my sons upbringing which and he loves me though this control his mother has over me is depressing me to a level I cant take any more and I feel like leaving the country. Please help. If you can


  • Sarah Lund says:

    The law is stupid. My guess is she feels so insecure in herself, and she’s scared that you’ll find happiness with a new woman, so she’s doing her best to belittle you. Funnily enough, the victim knows EXACTLY what’s going on, by the way they’re bullied, and by how things are said by the bully. So actually, bullies are being more obvious than they wish otherwise. I’m betting most people who know her, actually see her for the monster she became. They may not say so, but you will be more respected by your neighbours, friends, family, for not being as mouthy as your ex wife is being. Just hold your head up high. Don’t talk to her much. Just say a brief “Hi”, but don’t attempt conversation with her, as she’ll probably just turn anything you say into an excuse to get angry at you. Enjoy life. Why bother letting her interfere with your time. I bet she is wracking her brain with ways to destroy you, but how sad for her, because she is actually so depressed, but doesn’t realize it. Tell her if she feels she has problems, to go see her dr, or a therapist. All this drama, because you’re her ex is ridiculous. And she will have to admit to being stressed one day.

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