The CSA simply do not care

April 9, 2014

My experience with the CSA started some time ago and has gone from bad to worse. It reached it’s peak in April 2013 and continues to this day.

I moved to the UK from Australia to be closer to my daughter from my ex-wife in 2009. She was 5 at the time. We had a private arrangement whereby I paid money every fortnight into her mother’s account.

After 6 months of being here her mother cut off contact for no lawful reason. I still continued to make direct CS payments to her.

By late 2011 I had had enough and took her mother to court, whilst still paying CS to her. In the divorce and access case which ran concurrently and cost me £10K in legal bills the judge passed a court order stating that my ex-wife receive all of the proceeds from the sale of the marital home in Australia. This amount was approx £50K.

The court order stated that I did not therefore have to make CSA payments for a period of 2 years. The judge signed it, as did I and my ex-wife in the presence of two lawyers. Everyone was happy.

Around a month later in March 2013 I cleared the funds as ordered to my ex-wife. That very day the CSA contacted me to tell me that on my ex-wife’s request they were now handling her CSA entitlements.

I instructed the CSA that I have a court order stating I don’t have to and this is why (went on to tell them the details) Their response and I quote ” well I am sorry but that is tough. As she has requested we take over you have to pay and we over rule any court order”.

I appealed and sent them all the documentation. No response just phone calls demanding direct debit information. Eventually upon threat of an order on my wages I relented.

When I told them that I had also been overpaying during our private arrangement sometime earlier they responded ” we don’t care about that, that has no bearing on what you have to pay us. If you don’t like it write to your member of parliament”.

Now I have been informed by a lawyer that the CSA are incorrect in their judgement. I have contacted them and asked for the return of the court order that I sent them (they demanded an original and never returned it). Low and behold a week later and they can’t find it. ” I am afraid sir you will have to pay for and apply for a new one”.

I have had it with this agency and their total ineptitude and utterly disgraceful attitude directed towards non-resident parents.

I cannot see how they can just throw a court ordered agreement to one side and assist a dishonest person in committing what amounts to fraud and perjury.

But they do! They simply do not care and persist in grinding people down until they break them or worse.

They are a disgrace.


  • John says:

    Apply for a copy of the original court order and do not be bullied and threatened by this lot. They acting outside of the rule or enactment of law they are entitled to use, and in doing so may be obtaining money by deception, which is a criminal matter.

    Go with your instinct and go back to the lawyer who indicated that the CSA judgment is wrong. Also, go to your local M.P. and raise the case with them!

    Don’t give up.

    Every decent/honest parent wants to provide for their child/children, but not at the behest of a bunch of brainless bullies. Persevere and you will win!

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