The CSA should give me compensation

December 24, 2013

The c/a found my daughters dad but then spent 2 years messing about before refusing to do a dna test. I tried again a few years later and and was successful, i now get regular payments but it means i lost 2 years worth of money which adds up to quite a few thousand pounds.

I feel the c/a should compensate me for the money i lost out on because of their incompetence.


  • Terry NORRIS says:

    The csa od your ex owes YOU f**k all. Typical of woman like you by the very way you write your story. All about money and how much you can get out of an ex and using his kid as cash cow. Compensation….lol.u make me sick.

  • fred says:

    women like you make me sick. me, me, me. you will get your comeuppance one day. life has a way of doing that.

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