The CSA have not got a clue what they are doing

February 26, 2011

I have always paid for my children since we split at christmas 2003. My ex wife has remarried after 8 months may i add. I made regular monthly payments of £387.78 per month bit of a struggle i admit but never the less i made my payments. Then in Feb 2008 i asked if i could possibly get a reduction? To this the CSA contacted my ex who by the way wont speak to me as it upsets her so my daughter tells me. She refused to give a reduction and to give the CSA there dues they did try to bargin with her on my behalf.

Any way what happend is she put in for more money so the good old CSA contacted my employer who rightfully sent them over my wage slips from the last two months. on the one pay slip it showed i had received a bonus paymentof £600.00 one off for working 2 weeks of 15hr shifts to get a job completed. Now because of this and also guess what they told me i was in arreas i now have to pay £564.00 per month and have done so for the last 12months.

I appealed to ICE the Independent Case Examiner who up held the CSA case againsed me. Now to top all this off i discoverd that when i should have been paying £387.78 per month my bank was paying £400.00 per month by mistake my ex didnt bother to tell me or the CSA. But according to the CSA i was still in Arears. Now last night i came in from work to find a letter telling me i still owed another 12 months of arears but my 2 kids are 19 in September. So i called up Dudley and was told this is wrong.

The CSA have not got a clue what they are doing all they want to make sure of is that my ex wife and husband have ther mortgage paid each month for free so she can have her Merc sports car and three holidays abroad each year whilst my 2 kids go out to work part time to get there self some pocket money as they wont lower there self to ask me for more. By the way her husband earns less than me because i have spent the last 2.5 years working in the same place and know what he earns.

All i can say is its about time our illustrius government sorted this total crap out once and for all and hopefully someone out there might be able to tell me if i can claim back what has wrongfully been deducted out of my wages each month if i can get some representation in court to fight them as at the moment i cant afford to do it. There is probebly some law out there that says once your kids are 19 and you stop paying you cant fight it.




  • John says:

    The Serious Fraud office should raid CSA offices and seize data and documents!

    The CSA repeatedly target the ones in the system, because they cannot be bothered targeting the elusive non-payers (£3.5 billion uncollected).

    Your case is like most other cases where the NRP has not got a clue what they should be paying and accepts without proof or evidence the amount that they are actually paying is correct! The CSA have total disregard for NRP’s personal circumstances and they are totally out of control, and our great politicians don’t give a s–t!

    Go to your M.P. and ask them to contact the CSA on your behalf., then ask your M.P. to put a case together regarding maladministration and get the Parliamentary ombudsman involved.

    Finaly, do not be a conformist. Challenge the CSA all of the time and ask for a clerical assessment of your case and get all contact in writing.

    This disgraceful ‘shambles’ has no place whatsoever in our society and I am waiting for the day that the European Court of Human rights rules against the UK government, so I can lash a claim in for mega compo!

  • hg says:

    G0 JOHN!! that sounds a great idea…The CSA is utter shite!

  • Dan says:

    once your child leaves full time education, whether that be at 16 or upto the age of 19 you should no longer pay child support to the PWC! ‘further education has to be A level’ if its higher education then payment should also stop! also if your child starts work, payment to PWC should cease.

  • Brian says:

    I faced the CSA in court last week…and won. I was awarded expenses. This was because despite me paying them over £500 per month purely based on what my spiteful ex wife told them I earned – approximately four times what I actually do, and not once did they ask me my side of the story – I had been served an attachment by them wanting more plus my assets (which she already got in the divorce). Anyway, despite the courts telling them to leave me alone, they have just re-served the same attachment on me for the same thing less than a week later! I employ the excellent NACSA but even they’re having problems either getting info from the CSA or even getting them to reply to calls or faxes. The CSA are above the law, it seems and just do whatever the hell they want.

    I’ve got my MP involved and he’s horrified as to the activities of the CSA and their tactics. So much so that he pushed aside everything else and is getting stuck into these b*stards.

    They are an absolute shower of clowns, and overly powered ones at that.

    The court case itself ended up with the CSA appointed lawyer getting a bollocking from the judge for being ill-prepared, ill-informed and presenting contradictory evidence. Basically, since I’ve been mired in this for three years now I know it back to front and managed to run circles around the lawyer. She looked like an idiot.

    The judge apologised and really went to town on the lawyer and her client, the CSA.

    In short, they are disorganised, contradictory, draconian and very often act outwith the boundries of the law. The Judge’s words, not mine.

    In conclusion, despite all that, I’m back to square one and the CSA are going to stop at nothing until –

    a) I am bankrupt
    b) lost my job due to all the time I’ve had to dedicate to this
    c) lost my marriage as my wife is in despair
    d) jumped off a bridge.

    Remember, the very court that they try to use to ruin my life is the very same court that recognised and recorded their idiocy.

  • Michelle says:






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