Should I ask for a reassessment?

January 1, 2015

I pay my ex parner £69 per week for one child who i was never allowed to see when she met her new partner.

I earn £1400 net per month on average is this the correct amount i should be paying? i was assessed 14 years ago on the old system my daughter is now 15.How long do i have to pay CSA payments for my daughter?

I married in September 2008 and i have two step children one aged 20 currently working now and the other is 17 and in sixth form and will be for the next two years. can i ask to be evaluated again?

I was told i had to pay £69 per week and that was it! one payment went through late once due to a bank holiday and the next week i had a attachment to earnings set up against me what a night mare, it took ages to have this removed even though i was still paying weekly and having the money taken direct out of my salary but i did finnaly get it stopped and just pay weekly now.

Please offer any advice that may help me please i still have a family to feed and put a roof over there heads. Can the CSA take my wife income into concideration for my child to my ex partner?


  • Bill says:

    If you are on the old system old rules known as CS1 they will require all your details i.e. housing costs, partners income, your income, number of dependent children in household, amount of child benefit, WTC, CTC etc.
    Who knows what the maintenance will work to as they also look at the PWC’s income on this system.

    If you are on CS2,the system introduced in 2003,they will just want your net income and number of dependent children in household.
    The maintenance should be around £48 per week on this system.

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