Second time I have told the CSA my ex is working – do something!

November 11, 2012

I have been trying for years to get what is owed to my children through there father.

In which time after time i keep being told he is not working, when i know full well mr david sidders is working at birmingham airport in arrivals department ripping up the floors.

I am so angry that for year after year he has got away with paying for his children when i have worked so hard on my own as a single parent to bring them up. I was under the impression you were put into practice to chase absent fathers an not expect the mothers to do the detective work !!!! this is the second time now i have told you were he is working and if he is not paying tax then it means he is getting paid cash in hand as a self employed person an not paying tax either shocking !!!

He holds a current cscs card that has his own number which can be traced so i will not be fobbed off anymore by csa telling me he is not working when he is working at birmingham airport !

If i dont hear something from you soon i am taking it up with my solisitor .


  • Alice says:

    this is not the official CSA website, you need to send this information to them directly either by phoning or emailing them via the correct website. If your ex is working and paying tax they can trace his employer via HMRC records but if he is working cash in hand there is nothing the CSA can do – if this is the case then you should report him direct to HMRC for tax evasion.

  • karen bedford says:

    Good advice from Alice, if you want to join the facebook groups Child Support Agencies Failings and other groups for help/advice and support please do.

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