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Red Letter Day 02 July 2008

Our site is now 11 weeks old, we have in that time been busy helping, NRP’s, P’sWC and NRPP’s, with the CSA.

As a group, we have decided the time is right to begin our first stage of action.

With the kind help of the friends and members of ‘afairercsaforall’, we have prepared a letter for anybody wishing to take part in the *Red Letter Campaign* on 02 July 2008.

Hopefully, all those parents who have issues with the CSA will unite for a common cause and join us.

We would like to say a big thankyou to eveybody for their involvement with the site.

Chloe and I, would appreciate feed back and ideas from ALL parents, feel free to pm either of us on
Please remember that unless you use your voice it cannot be heard. Be involved and lets go forward together.

4 thoughts on “Red Letter Day 02 July 2008

  1. Hi,

    Just to confirm ~ Red letter day is Wednesday 02 July.

    Everybody is welcome to paste and copy the template letter from our website to post or email to their MP etc.

    If you are having or have had issues with the CSA and have not yet dropped by the site, please do so. Its packed with sound information and advice for ALL parents involved with the CSA.

  2. **UPDATE** – Red Letter.

    On behalf of ‘afairercsaforall’ a big thankyou to everybody who took the time to be involved with The Red Letter day.

    ‘afairercsaforall’ have received a reply from Edward Leigh MP to the Red Letter we sent out.

    Mr Leigh is the Chair for the Public Accounts Committee and ‘is in agreement with much of what we say’ and has ‘put the letter to the Prime Minister’ for reply – A full copy of Mr Leigh’s reply can be found on ‘afairercsaforall’ in the ‘Red Letter Day’ section.

    We would urge ALL PWC/ P & NRP/ P who have issues with the CSA to contact us and help us to try and get a fairer csa for all.


    More replies received….

    * I got a reply from PM Gordon Brown today becasue of the red letter I sent and I added my case and he is refering it too the DWP.

    * replies from my own MP~ who will be raising isuues with right hon James Purnell MP.

    * David Cameron will be raising points with relavent ministers, and also agrees with points raised and agree’s the CSA is a shambles.

    NB – We will soon be in the process of drafting correspondence to the media, we would appreciate your support and input.

  4. another update…

    Today we received a reply from James Plaskitt MP via Edward Leigh MP.

    Mr Leigh has left it open for me to further respond to such, at which time I shall request that Mr Leigh becomes active within our group.

    Therefore, I would urge everybody – PWC, NRP + Partners, if you have issues with the CSA, respond.

    We all agree a fairer system is required – unless each of us is prepared to stand up and be counted, this could well be a wasted opportunity!

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