Persecuted every year by the CSA

July 10, 2014

I have suffered hell from the Child Support Agency, it started 6 years ago, my ex wife had an affair, which I know is not relevant, but I had to move out of the marital home, I loved my children very much and did everything I could for them, my ex wife has been very vindictive, I always gave her money for the children every month, plus brought the children clothes had them every weekend, took them on holiday every year. My ex wife’s partner decided he didn’t want me around anymore so they between them brain washed my children into not wanting to see me anymore, but I have now come to believe it was done purely so she could get more money by me not seeing the children, I was devastated by not being able to see the children, then I received a letter from the Child Support Agency a few months later baring in my mind that I had stupidly still been giving my ex wife money for the children during this time, she had told them that I hadn’t given her any money for well over a year which was a complete lie, so they demanded a years money as arrears which I did not owe, they asked if I had proof, and because I had been giving her cash I was unable to prove this, I contacted my ex wife and asked her why she was lying, in the mean time of this I had been to see a solicitor and had gotten court papers to try to get access to see my children, during this time my ex wife came round to my house, saying that I had been trying to kidnap my children from school, which was a complete lie, she proceded to hit me and punch, I pushed her away from me, she got in her car and drove off. The next morning at 5am, there was a knock on my door it was the police, I was arrested on suspicion of assaulting my ex wife, I spent all day in the cells, my ex wife had said that I had beaten her up and bitten her hand, it was prove dthat she had been lying and I was let go with no charge, I had to explain to my work why I hadn’t turned up, my ex wife actually bit her own hand to try to get me put away, this was because she had found out that I was going to court to try to get access to my children, after loads of arguments with the CSA and me nearly having a nervous breakdown had to borrow 2400 pounds form my 76 year old mother while they were investigating my case which took well over a year and me constantly calling to find out what was going on. It later came out that my ex wife had lied because she had been committing benefit fraud, the child support said to her that if she told the truth they wouldn’t prosecute her for benefit fraud, to this day I still have not had my 2400 pounds back.

I am persecuted every year by the Chils Support Agency, they are completely on the Mother’s side through it all, they don’t take in to account your circumstances or care if you live in a cardboard box, and it also takes away any leverage that you have over your ex wife, because I believe if I had not had to pay my ex wife she would have still let me see my children, but because your forced to pay the child support agency you can’t afford court costs and solicitors, so you have to pay for children you can’t be a Father to, while another man is saying he is there father and the children don’t even know that you are paying for them, not that I have evr objected to paying for my children, it has cost me everything, I lost my wife my children and it has nearly made me bankrupt, it makes you wish you never had children, I have not seen my children for nearly six years and sincerely believe that the Child Support enables this by persecuting Fathers the way they do, I have never tried to get out of aying or disappeared or given up my job, but sometimes believe this would have been the best route to go down, I can’t even start a new life as I am not financially able.

Where is the fairness in any of that, I have written my MP, and even the prime minister. And no one cares.

I am still in arrears, but know I am not, the Child Support agency just plucks figures out of the air, I still believe that they owe me £2400 pounds, you have nowhere to go for help in any way Mother’s use the children and have all the power, I did everything I could for my children and loved and still love them very much, we were all so close, and I can’t believe the way it has all gone, the whole situation has destroyed my life and have thought about suicide on numerous occasions because of all the stress and worry, from not being able to see my children and the stress and pressure that you get from the Child Support Agency, if your working god help you, they get there teeth into you and want more and more money, even though you know you can’t afford it, I never asked for my wife to have an affair, or to lose my children to a man who calls himself there Dad, if my story can help anyone that will make me feel better, my story is ongoing.

Colin Ward


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  1. marie on July 10th, 2014 5:28 pm

    yes it not always the dad flaut .your ex sounds like a right cow . don’t give up keep fighting it and good luck

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