Partner pays son directly – surely CSA can’t expect him to pay his ex too?

November 12, 2017

My partners son is taking his A levels he is 18. His father pays him maintainer directly. His son is joking the army next year as an officer. He has a trading account and earns his own money in stocks and shares and is also a Freemason as is my partner. He has bought him a car a phone and a trip to NZ spending 5 k on his son in the 2 months alone – can the csa really expect him to pay £700 to his ex? During their divorce this year my partner gave his ex wife both houses on the agreement that she did not come after any more money – a court order stating this in place.


  • David says:


    It does appear that your partner has given up a great deal to escape having to pay child support. His lawyer should have given him legal advice on the position with regards child maintenance should he wish to do this. Would the agreement be legally binding and could it prevent his ex-wife claiming child support?

    Under the 1993 Scheme a house transferred into the name of a PWC would be taken into account in child support assessments. Now child maintenance is based on net income only after 2003 and gross income after 2012. No allowance is given for expenditures such as rent etc. Whether the CMS takes the properties into account as per your agreement remains to be seen.

    I suggest you seek professional help with this and you can contact me in that regard by dropping me an email at [email protected]


  • Anita says:

    Hi David
    I do rather begrudge the remark that my partner is trying to avoid child maintaince. Bear in mind this ‘child’
    Is 18 years of age , has a part time job , earns his own money on the stock market and is a 3 rd generation member of the Freemasons !
    Also as part of the divorce process in court he had to provide details of how much he had spent supporting g
    His children during the last 12 months . It amounted to
    He has been the subject of domestic violence verbally physically and financially from his ex wife for over 20
    Years and he and his children have managed to escape her , one daughter has gone to NZ, one is in rental property ( which he has helped fund) and his son will be joining OMG the army as an officer next year.
    I will be appealing on his behalf and emailing the response to his MP.

  • David Joseph says:

    Hi Anita

    You have misunderstood me. I was not saying that your partner is trying to avoid paying child support. The context is that he should not be hounded to pay maintenance bearing in mind what he is already paying out – much more than he is obligated to legally.


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