Parents who withhold children from the other parent should NOT receive CSA payments

May 13, 2018

I am a father and I have had my child taken away by his mother and filed for CSA whilst I was offering to take care of my lad.

Now I dont particularly agree with the website, Because, Whilst I didnt agree with having to pay CSA when I was offering to pay for my childs needs and provide for him whilst taking his mother to court (to which I was sucesfull at obtaining a 50/50 and eventually a living with order to live with my self).

The problem is the father (as much as a mother) and visaversa, have Parental RESPONSIBILITY for the child.

It is never the childs fault, that a parent chooses to take the child from the other or a parent walks out on the family (be it due to an affair or be it because the relationship just became unbarable).

To the child, they are innocent in all of this and depend on adults to provide for them into adulthood in order to survive.

I feel that absent parents who decide to have no contact with the child, should pay CSA. As the child does need a quality of life and is entitled to the quality of life he or she would have had in an ideal home that he or she was born into.

However, with that being said, I do not agree with incidents in where parents purposely withold a child (where there are no safeguarding concerns or welfare concerns) in order to be eligible for CSA.

Not only is it child abuse, given the child isnt able to have contact with a loving parent, it can have negative and emotional impact thru out a childs life late into adulthood, even long after the parents pass away.

I would like to see a system that is more thorough and scrutanises what is really going on, sadly CSA state thats for the courts to decide not them, and thats a lengthy process.

But well worth while doing if there was a system that stated, should it be found in the family courts that a parent is not a risk to the child in any way shape or form and the child has been witheld unlawfully from the other parent or without reason, then all the litigation costs and half the CSA should be paid back (Yes, the child still needs to be provided for in the period the malicious parent held the child from the loving parent, but equally the parent has lost time with the child that can never be recovered) thus this would be a penalty payment / fine.

I feel this would deter parents playing god with children and using a system designed to help vulnerable or poor parents provide for children whilst a parent has become absent