Oxford woman recieves CSA information for someone else

April 21, 2008

An Oxford woman, Emma Kelly, has received confidential information for nine other people from Oxford County Court. The information includes NHS records, information on court orders and naturally, CSA information.

Mrs Kelly is particularly concerned at the fact that the page she has been sent is marked at ‘page 3 of 4’. Where have the other 3 pages been sent?

The court has classed the mistake as an ‘administrative error’… where have we heard that before?

You would have thought that after losing the details of 25,000,000 people last year, they’d be a little bit more careful with confidential data.

The HMCS said in a statement:

HMCS takes this matter extremely seriously and constantly reviews all processes to ensure the safe transfer of data throughout its systems.

The data concerned was sent following an administrative error. Processes have been tightened to prevent this incident happening again.