One night stand wants to use me for CSA

March 28, 2014

I had a one night stand with a girl i have no for a while, it was in the heat of the moment so stupidly we didnt use protection, i said to her to make sure she went to the clinic to get the morning after pill and even offered to drive her, but she said she would go with her friend.

A few days later i was talking to her and asked if she had gone she said she had but left it 2days after we had had sex and was apprently told the pill might not work??

Anyway its about 5 weeks down the line now and shes come out with “im pregnant your the dad and im getting csa off you”.

To start with i dont even no if im the dad because i was told she was with another man a few days after i slept with her which in its self is wrong, it just seems like shes trying it on i have asked her to produce the pregnancy test and she keeps telling me no saying that i dont care and shes just using me for csa now?

Im going absolutely crazy thinking about it, and on top of all this just to cap it off i later find out she’s had 2 children and both have been taken in care!!!

So basically what im asking is will i have too pay CSA?? will the child be taken into care if her other 2 have?? and what should i do please help??


  • Mick says:

    Firstly, you can control your actions but not the consequences. So in future do mankind a favour and resist the urge to procreate with others.

    Secondly, you’re spelling know incorrectly.

    I think to be blunt the child in your ex’s tummy probably has more rights to life than you do have rights to force her to kill it. So in that respect you’re stuffed. This should really make you consider where you dip your wick in future.

    You’re concerned about paying for this child, I’m concerned about my taxes that I work damn hard for paying for your child, probably the care of it, the ex and probably your benefits when you know doubt stop working as soon as you have to pay for the poor little child.

  • Adrian says:

    Mick think you need to get a life. The guy has already admitted his mistakes so for you to grind him further into the ground makes you no better than the csa

    The debate is about the csa. Not someone’s mistakes

  • Spicer Dicer says:

    ‘Mick’ get a grip, passing moral judgements on this guy when clearly you didn’t even bother to read what he had written, not even sure your comments have any bearing on this story. Wind your neck in.

    To the OP,
    Sh1t happens buddy, bad luck on you.

    Unfortunately girls lie (guys do to!). Just as unfortunately you are likely now going to have to be part of the system, follow the CSA/CMS process and pray to whatever deity you believe in that it works out for you. Odds are you will likely have to take a test if she is genuinely pregnant, if you are the father, then undoubtedly you will have to pay. Mistake or not. Lies or not. You are still the father.

  • gonk says:

    @ Mick
    You obviously didn’t read this guys story or just choose to rub his nose in it. so you think this girls actions in all this are totally reasonable do you dick head!!
    I object to my taxes paying for these kids as well but its quite obvious from reading this that here is another example of a women making kids in order to give her a living sitting on her arse. Im guessing by your negative remarks that you are not bled by these vultures so lucky you. I suspect your attitude would be quite different though if you made a mistake as he did and be very offended and pissed off if another idiot as yourself came out with pointless remarks.
    I am not condoning his actions but certainly condemning hers who is quite happy to bring a child into the world just for the sake of making money out of it, but you cant see any wrong in that quite obviously…Oh and you are a patronising prick as well.

  • gonk says:

    what fucks me off in all this is why is it always the blokes fault in these un protected sex cases ? She knew he was about to dip his wick as many put it, and allowed him to do so without protection, so surely that makes her just as responsible as him for a unwanted or planned child? BUT its the mans fault and ONLY the man is held to account for that action WHY ?

  • Gonk says:

    @ Donna marie Ratcliffe… can wind your neck in as well..
    What about this tart that obviously makes a living out of opening her legs and cashing in on making kids….she has no blame whatsoever in any of this then ????
    I don’t read anywhere in this posting about the guy raping her so must mean she was as stupid to open her legs as he was for not wearing a rubber mack over his piece.
    But in your eyes and some other twats on here…it’s all the blokes faults. Morons all of you.

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