Not treated fairly due to benefits ex

May 17, 2015

My ex wife has contacted the csa after year of me trying to get her bank details and trying to pay for my kids she told me that she did not want my money and i could see them.

After 8 year i getting phone call from the csa asking for 85 pounds a week i have remarried and very happy and have two other kids age 2 and 7 i have never had a problem paying for them but when they are takeing 85 week off me i cant pay my rent and bills.

Just about keepin are head out of the water as it is when she live of the state on goes to new york shows and weekends away this is not far.


  • Gonk says:

    The system stinks and 100% works in favour of the mother.
    Don’t matter how well off she is whether it be from the benefits she racking in or having a wealthy partner to keep her. Makes no difference, the CSA scum don’t give a shit about you, you are the NRP.
    I’m bled £300 each month for a daughter that was taken from me by the bitch mother because she didn’t want me around anymore after cyberwhoring with a German and meeting up for a dirty week end. This was my justice for my wife’s unfaithfulness and her then taking my then 3 yr old away from her dad because she preferred the other guy to raise her and play daddy….lol….I’m screwed £300 each month for the privilege.
    I am bitter yes, but also fucking steaming angry that the money goes to the fucking ex to piss away as she wants. I have worked it out that by the time my daughter is 20, I will have handed over 35+ grand to that bitch and my daughter will not have benefited from one penny of it in the way of her mum putting even a 3rd of the money away for her uni fees, new car, deposit for a flat, or even towards her wedding maybe. She will see fuck all of all that money apart from cheap Asda clothing and cheap pasta meals over the yrs. makes me so angry I feel like spitting in the bitches face. If the CSA cared about the welfare of the kids……long term welfare of the kids, then it should insist by law that a percentage of the cash taken from the NRP is saved for the child’s future. It’s disgusting to think that not one penny will my ex have to show for my daughter when she is 20

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