My reply to CSA after they get payments wrong again

May 24, 2012

The CSA has now provided me with a third monthly payment figure, and this even before a single payment is paid to my adulterous ex-wife.

Here’s the letter I am sending back to them.

Their letter includes the line: “According to our records, you will make the payments above Calendar monthly to us by Deduction from earnings.” The poor grammar and incorrect capital letters are an indication of their ignorance.

I was not given a choice in this matter because the odious Vicky Pilkington’s modus operandi is simply to harass and bully her victims.

Here’s my reply:

I am appalled that this matter has been referred to my employers when it is your Vicky Pilkington, who has refused to cooperate with me, not me refuse to cooperate with her. You have my bank details. I never refused them but I can see now that Vicky’s modus operandi is one of aggressive assault and refer to employer rather than cooperate with her victims. It’s a disgusting way to work. She epitomises everything negative about your organisation.

I am in receipt of your letter advising me how much more you think I should be contributing to enhance my adulterous ex-wife’s already vastly higher than my net income. states you take both parties’ incomes into consideration but this is a blatant lie, I now know.

Your own ‘calculator’ on your website told me I would have to pay one figure. Your Vicky Pilkington, what an odious bully she is, told me another and if I do the sums based on your latest missive, I find that a third figure is being applied. Not only that, but because of the odious Vicky’s bullying, I find I could be charged additionally by my employers because she failed to allow adequate time for matters to be put in place.

Here are the simple facts – perhaps someone there can do the sums properly; Your website calculator told me my liability would be c.£135 a month. I guess having had dealings with you now I should have known it would be wrong.

Odious Vicky told me it would be £39.43 a week (not bad reward for an adulteress for a single night’s difference with my sons a week) which is 39.43×52/12=£170.86 per calendar month.
Your latest missive says £172.05.

Why are your figures not consistent when it is supposed to be a single formula attached to my net income?

You say that on June 15 you are going to deduct £276.10 but by law you don’t have the legal authority to recover arrears in a single go. I’ve checked. So you’re not going to collect them in one go.
Here’s what’s going to happen, and I will be advising my employers accordingly.

In order to prevent me incurring unecessary and crippling debts to the detriment of my credit rating and my good name, the so-called arrears will be collected, while not acceding that they are legal or justified, at a rate divisible by the number of months I will be expected to pay this unwarranted charge, ie, until September 2017 or 61 months. That calculation works out as £78.86/61=£1.29 per month.
Without acceding in any way that there is any legal justification for child maintenance payments under any law as this matter was resolved in court in March this year and therefore the judge’s ruling should supercede any law you can cite, on June 15 and monthly thereafter you will deduct from my wages only £170.86, which is the monthly amount identified by the odious Vicky and as demonstrated in the calculation above, plus the so-called arrears of £1.29 also calculated above.

Coincidentally, this combined figure comes to the £172.05 – which would suggest you did the same sums and were then intending to fraudulently charge me twice for the arrears.

You will confirm to me that my figures are correct – they must be as they are based on figures provided by yourselves – and that will be the amount deducted. As said, I will be instructing my employers that they are not to pay you anything more.


  • Carol says:

    Why are they placing a DEO? It seems that the CSA are using this DEO as a weapon and as preferred method of collection. My partner had a DEO as they stated he was non compliant as he had not answered his telephone, while at work when not allowed to receive calls!

    Is your case dealt with by CSA Bolton by any chance? CSA Bolton is actually a private company by the name of Vertex Data Science which has a contract to deal with clerical cases from the Government.

    Your letter is similar to one I also sent on behalf of my partner as I could not figure out how they got their figures either. It was ignored!! We ended up involving our MP so that the CSA would eventually listen and we are getting there.

    I agree with you about their calculations. I have fought for a year re. my partner’s salary and now that we have received his P60 have ascertained that my original figures were in fact correct, and the CSA grossly inflated.

  • jay. says:

    This is what happened to us, we had no correspondenc from the csa and then on pay day £614.00 taken from my husbands wages, they said he was non compliant, to letters we have never had….and backed up by the complaints team, yet deo still on place….our case has been one big mistake after another, the only solution was seeing our mp and also a but of legal advice from Durham legal services which were really good. Our deo dropped to 200.00 but our argument is why should we pay when we know calculations are incorrect, house left to ex, which she has later sold and hubby had nothing, plus giving her money every week which she failed to declare, but hubby never knew csa was contacted 15 years ago as he has had nothing from them. Like I said big nightmare!

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