My life was ruined by heartless ex

March 16, 2010

PWC will always complain about nrp not paying i think its something to do with having as much money as possible to spend looking good or there drug habit. Anyway about the topic (there are two sides myself –  i gave my house away i don’t see the wife selling that to fund a nice life style living in rented, plus holidays to Disney for the children no that for her to live in after the children have flown the coupe. god i love British law ).

Before you single yummy mummy’s flame me i do pay csa. I once had a great job with office> suit> pa but one day locks changed three bin bags of cloths later with a free wart on my cock i was on my own starting again. So i left my job became a bum signed of work with the Doctor and went to live with the parents as you d.

Access to the kids no chance. I wasn’t working so i gave up the house i worked so hard for 10 years to buy and that bought me three visits then after two court visits later to find what ever they say to the pwc to comply isn’t worth toffee . After a lot of hurt and five years later i only pay the least i can so i work part-time(36 PW) no more sport cars or nice new cloths but god i am happy so to all find a good women they are out there look hard and to the ones moaning about csa nrp well you should have looked after you man better.


  • Karen Bedford says:

    You shouldnt judge all PWCs like that as we are not. I dont judge all NRP like my ex as I know they are not.

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