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My Facebook group about the CSA

I’ve had many dealings with this organisation that cant get anyhting right but tell you they tell you the truth.

They sent me a payment schedule saying i was to pay £227 p/m but following month £494 was taken leaving me no option but take on a 2nd job just to clear the bills.

I done some research on the web and found there was going to be many thousands in the same boat with similar circumstances so i set a group on facebook.

I’ve notified csa and government and the media about my plans for the group when i have enough members, its still only a few months old and has grown to over 200 members.

I would just like people to add the group and to find what the plan is and if they agree then stay on there.

Many people on there have good advice to offer also.

Please go to the following link and join the group, my group is the only group that has threatened to take a protest to the roof of csa offices, i also have members around the nation that are just waiting on numbers to hit their local offices.

I am determined to be listened to and determined to get a fair csa for all.

Please join my group.


8 thoughts on “My Facebook group about the CSA

  1. Hi
    Good luck with your group.
    I dont use facebook because of the privacy and security concerns but I wish you well.

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