My ex wife never pays her CSA, how does she get away with it?

October 4, 2012

Thank you for your letter regarding my complaint however it seems I have not really had any answers to my questions!!!

You say in your letter that my Ex wife has been assessed and should pay £16 a week but I have had no payment for around two years, You did tell me you were going to look into her national insurance number to see if she was working am I to take it because of the letter that you sent me that she is in fact working???

And if so why has an attachment of earnings not been put into place? Mrs White has NEVER voluntarily paid child maintenance and I find it utterly disgusting that she can holiday all over the world while myself and my wife struggle to bring up Emily can you tell me what the next step is to claw back this money?

Regards Mr Timothy Sidebottom


  • Alice says:

    if your ex partner has been assessed as due to pay £16 a week then she will be working, it would be flat rate £5 per week if she was on benefits.

    It may be that a Deduction of Earnings order was imposed and she left that employer, the csa would then need to trace her new employer and this can take time. If she is a job-hopper and leaves her employment as soon as the csa catches up with her then ask them to take alternative enforcement action against her.

    If you have any knowledge of her employment tell the csa and they will investigate it and put a new deo in place to collect the regular maintenance and arrears

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