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My ex now works for the CSA

My ex wife has continually blocked contact over the past 11 years and poisoned my son against me. Recently she has been contacting me under false names on facebook just to give my present wife and myself hassle. I have always complied with whatever the CSA have asked for. I was last assessed in March of this year and provided all information to them that they requested. However I have just learned that my ex wife who has always been a civilsevant now works at my local csa branch and I have now received another demand for reassessment.

I had a call from the office the other day from one of their advisors who right from the off was aggressive on the phone and basically told me I was lying about my income. I told there that I was going to start recording the call and straight away her attitude changed.

I have complained to the CSA via there online form but dont hold out much hope. My other question is I have just completed my tax return for last year which shows my paye income as well as my new business income I made a 2500 loss on my business which was obviously covered by my paye income will this loss be taken off my total income by the csa or will it be ignored?

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  1. Complain about her to your local mp and to the office you are with, ask for your case to be moved to another office, do it written and recorded with a timescale to get back to you, as she is not allowed to be involved in her own case, its a confidential data issue which I’m sure they are breaking.

  2. There is a conflict of interests from your ex. You must inform her employers that she has potential to interfere with your case.

    If she is using other employees/friends out of vengeance, you must report it to the Independent Case Examiner and ask for a full external inquiry!

  3. A little late to respond to the original post but for anyone reading this thread who has a case in the CSA and another interested party works for them – such as above – a request can be made to have the case moved to the Sensitive team. Once a case is moved to this team the records cannot be accessed by anyone other than them. The Sensitive team also deal with all high profile clients such as MPs, sports and tv personalities etc

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