My ex has given the CSA false info – can she be charged?

November 17, 2013

My ex and I split in Jan 07 . I paid her cash payments every month. In Aug 07 she went to the CSA to get me assessed. They assessed me less so I paid her less. I paid her directly and not through the CSA.

I paid her cash or cheque up to Oct. 08 where I had and have been paying by D.D.In Nov 12 she contacted the CSA to have me reassessed and I had to pay more as I just had a pay rise which is not a problem.

She asked me to pay the CSA directly which I have been doing. A year down the line they are trying to say I have arrears of over £5000 due to non payments. The ex has said that I have not paid her !!! Don’t we all love our Ex’s !!!

These times are the dates from Aug 07 through to Jan10. I have bank statements to prove the majority of this but unfortunately the cash payments are hard to prove. Isn’t it funny , the ex never mentioned once that there was arrears on the account when she called in Nov 12 it was the CSA that asked her about payments on these days !!!

My question is this , my ex has given the CSA false info and she knows it . Can she be charged or can the CSA do anything about these false accusations ? I have been given some great advice by CAB so all is not in vain.

Anyone else had the same ?


  • Lisa says:

    The answer to that is no, no pwc has ever been prosecuted for fraud or false info given to CSA as it’s not in the publics interest, I got this answer from freedom of information act, we had the same mate we had proof of all payments you have to really keep at them to get them to take all payments into account, we have a group on Facebook called child support agency ripoffs join us we can help, we had over 4k wiped that we didn’t owe

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