My ex earns more in benefits than I do working

April 25, 2014

My ex receives around £2000 a month in benefits, I earn £1250-1300 after tax and NI.

The Csa want me to pay a third of my wage to her even though I am struggling to feed my son that lives with me.

I am currently going bankrupt after losing my house.

How is this fair?


  • Cheryl says:

    The £500 cap is if you don’t work at all. If you work 16hrs you are exempt. That’s how it was explained on Panorama Don’t cap my benefits’ programme.

    I agree it sucks. If they have the parent paying regularly like my partner has done for 11 years then why should they get child tax credits ect. I mean how many people are paying for the children (absent parent, tax payer for benefits, which means the working parent are paying twice) then you have the parent with care and no doubt any partner that they have bagged. All this and their are still children in poverty. It’s a joke!!!

  • mikmik says:

    Cos there is no justice!

  • Danny says:

    What makes you sick is they drum in that your child will be In poverty if you don’t pay,well if you pay what they ask and I’m sure we all know they close there eyes tap a few keys on a calculator and hey presto your sum you have to pay is resolved,you will put yourself Into poverty thus not being able to feed yourself and see work as not the right choice, this case highlights massively that this countries benefit system is trying to eliminate child poverty anyway, I’m all for a fair system of a sliding scale payments to make it clearer of say 50 for one child ten each child will after that will be slightly less, the mother still revives her benefits dads get a fair crack of being able to pay and all this % crap stops and saves the stress! ( I’ve plucked the 50 figure out the air as an example)

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