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My daughter’s money shouldn’t be taken into account

I married someone with a daughter from his previous marriage.he has always paid child support but when his hours were reduced and he had debts his lawyer advised him that on earnings of under 200 pound a week he should not be paying 75 pound a week for one child at 16 yrs of age and he had no choice but to go to csa.

He has paid 30 a week ever since but now his daughter who lives with her gran and is 19 yrs old has gone to csa to get MORE money.they have taken my daughters child tax and child benefit into account and he is now having to pay 40 pound a week.They said they gave him a reduction for our child living with us but they are actually taking MORE now than before we had our child.this has caused our relationship to break down and I am now considering calling them to arrange maintenence for our daughter but don’t no if they would still take my daughters money into account still for his other daughters maintenence or if it would be reduced since he will have to pay for our daughter also.i have always worked but had a lot of health issues in the last two yrs and been unable to work so my husbands wage is what we all live on.

I don’t no if me n my daughter wud be better or worse off if I go for maintenence because do t no if they will INCREASE his other daughters money because he no longer has a child who lives with him which would make me n my daughter worse off or if the maintenence would be reduced because he has two children to pay for.His daughter is lying saying she is in college but is not and we told them this and they said they don’t check with college but just take her word for it!!! This has all now resulted in my daughter being left without a dad.The mother has also lied claiming child benefit for her that she’s not entitled to but because she has lied about being in college they are still paying her mother.his daughter even told him she was doing it because the more money she got the less my daughter would have!! This has broken up my family as we had no problems and only thing that ever caused arguments was his daughter as she tried to break us up, told lies about me n when that didn’t work she done the same to get mother and her partner.i understand a parent having to pay for their child but it’s disgusting taking my daughters money into account as his earnings to give to a 19 year old when my daughter is only 18 months..

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  1. The daughter is a CSA1 case (prior to 2003) so it will be one third of her dads wages 30%. Your income and child benefit for the baby will be take into account.
    I am not sure but as far as I know they don’t use child tax/working tax credit on csa1, although they do on csa2. Check this out as I remember reading a leaflet that said something about this.
    If you don’t work the payment should be lower on csa1 as NRP supports you and his baby. His living expenses should be taken into account, maybe you can ask for a reassessment. If you put a claim in for the baby it should be 10% each , however as there is considerable difference in a higher payment on CSA1 they invented this thing called ‘phasing’. This gives a 5 year period to allow the PWC to ‘get used’ to a lower amount. Therefore the older daughter ends up getting about double what your baby will, plus any arrears on top. Due to the age of the older daughter (19years) this may not be a bad option for you as you only pay CSA now until 20 years old whilst still in further (not advanced education, like University).
    It will definitely reduce the amount paid to the daughter if another case is opened though and both cases move over to the current rule, but with ‘phasing’.
    In reality this is so unjust as how is this making a fair payment system for each child? On a brighter note your CSA hell is nearly over …..a year max. You can also contact the child benefit and inform them that the daughter is not in college and the mother is claiming child benefit… which is fraud. No child benefit means no CSA payments. Good luck…been there!

  2. Sorry if I misread this? Has the daughter JUST opened a CSA case? If so its on csa2 and they will use CTC and WTC but not Child benefit or your wages, but that means they also wont allow for him supporting you being unemployed. They merely use his net pay and slice 15% off that and the same with the baby’s CTC and his WTC.

  3. He paid maintenence to his ex then his daughter moved in with his parents and he was still paying her mother, eventually his ex agreed to him giving his parents the money, she then moved in with her other gran and he was giving his daughter cash , she demanded more and he said no he could not afford she closed the maintenence case with her mother and claimed herself.They are taking 40 pound a week as they base it on his gross income and count my daughters child tax and benefit! His daughter also gets money from
    Her mum and her gran and a bursary.we asked if csa confirmed with college she was attending and they said no they just take her word for it!! She has continually lied as has her mother.To all those with supportive comments, I appreciate it, to the idiot who said women shud get a job, I HAD ONE, worked since I was 14 but fell into ill health, I wud happily go bk to wrk if I cud.they are using csa2.

  4. Yes bonnie u read it right his daughter opened a case in October, she also told her mum she was only doing it because the more she got the less my daughter would get.

  5. I’ve not been on here for a while and now I remember why….. Because mothers (PWC mothers) are 100% ignorant to reality!!! Both parents have ESSENTIAL outgoings but for some reason PWCs seem to exclude this and see “essential” as “depriving ME (PWC) of money?!???.

    Both parents should pay but all other factors should be equal… Not just CSA using NRPs as cash cows to support the government!!

    PWCs ARE financially supported by our government …. NRPs (50% of the DNA, have 0% rights) are not!!!

    Greedy PWC get away with murder… Coming back on here reminds me how lucky I am… We got away from the CSA and a greedy PWC who tried to abuse the system for HER OWN GAINS… We played an ace card ‘honesty/fact’ and the people who matter (me, my partner and his two kids) are happier…. The greedy ex humiliates herself by trying to raise ‘variations’…. I’ll support David Y… Get back into the real worl and get a full time job!! Have some self respect….

  6. In answer to Sally’s comment like I said before I would happily go back to work if the hospital
    Could get to the bottom of the health issues I am
    Having, I have soent almost three years pushing for husband was paying his ex £75 a week for his daughter, not arranged by csa n when he was made part time making half the wage she still wanted 75 a week .he contacted his lawyer about getting into debt because he couldn’t afford that much and a more affordable payment was sorted, he has always paid and when he was struggling and I was working full time I helped pay it out of my own money as well
    As giving his daughter dinner money for school when she said her mum
    Had given her none and buying her things.She was kicked off her last college course for bullying other students then they let her back onto another course which she has told ppl she no longer on.her mother was claiming child benefit when the daughter wasn’t living there and is still claiming it despite the fact she lives with her gran.Am not sure ur comment was directed at me but like I said I hate not being able to work as I’ve worked since I was 14 and still at school then went full time at college and worked then also, then worked three jobs after I left college.I understand him paying for his daughter but it’s a very unfair system where my daughters money is being included in my husbands income to calculate maintenence for his 19 year old.and the fact he was giving her money every week and she only went to csa because she wasn’t getting her own way being greedy, also she would ask to come and see our daughter and turn up at the door with a different boy every time, we told her if she wanted to c her to come by herself, then in a fit of rage she threatened both myself and my daughter then tampered with the car tyre under where she knew my daughter sits.She still got her money but wanted more, and said she was only doing it to get bk ate and our daughter, who is not even 2 yet.regardless of what she has done IF she was still in f.t education he pays for her but she’s not and our daughters mney should have nothing to do with it.I also feel at 19 she lives with her gran doesn’t pay towards her keep, has no bills, is getting 25 pound a week from her mother apparently, gets 20 from her gran and was getting 20-25 a week from us and was also getting a bursary. I think that was more than enough.our daughter goes thru nappies, grows out of clothes and shoes very quickly, it definitely takes more money to look after a young 19 with the money she was getting from us and everyone else she is able to work if she wanted more.She smokes 40 a day and is out drinking at least 3 times a week, probably where all
    Her money is going.just a very unfair system, plus csa took ages to send us the standing order form and she wud not accept a cheque so now there is areers thru no fault of ours and they are taking 60 pound a week until June.

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